We open back at the Festival of Tolerance that isn’t going too well. It’s a bloodbath, vampires attacking humans at the behest of Antonia. Bill and Eric are fighting, as Antonia has control over Eric.

Eric is about to stake Bill with a flagpole when Sookie shoots white lightning from her hands and it releases Eric from not only Antonia’s grasps, but also makes his memory come racing back.

Antonia becomes acutely aware of all of the humans that have been massacred by her hand when she hears a child crying for their dead mother. Antonia disappears as this happens with the two vampires she still has control over.

Moral Dilemma

Jason and Jessica are finished having sex in the back of his pickup. Jason is struck by the levity of what he’s done. He asks Jessica to glamour him so he can forget because he is sure he cannot face Hoyt while knowing what he’s done. Jessica becomes offended, asking who was going to glamour her so that she didn’t have to feel the guilt. She leaves.

A while later, Hoyt shows up at Jason’s place. He is somber and asks Jason if he can stay at his place for a while – just because his house reminds him of Jessica. Jason agrees, but asks to stay with Sookie later in the episode. The guilt is very strong, as it should be.


Nan and Bill disagree about how to handle Antonia. Bill blames Nan for the deaths at the festival and insists they take care of Antonia by all means necessary and we hear him ordering what sounds like a bomb over the phone. Bill intends to bomb Moon Goddess Emporium whether Nan likes it or not. Sookie tells Bill that Tara is in the emporium, but Bill insists it cannot change his plan – this is war.

Sookie works to get Tara out of danger’s way by enlisting Lafayette, Jesus, and Jason. The crew goes to Moon Goddess and they let Jesus make his way inside. Jesus insists that if he can speak with Marnie, she will help him end this. Jesus gets inside and convinces Antonia to let him speak with Marnie, where he learns that Marnie is one with Antonia and actually believes in what is happening. Marnie is leading the charge against the vampires now and Jesus communicates this telepathically to Sookie. He tells her to run as well.

They don’t, as always. Tara and Holly use a spell to lift the fact that Marnie has them trapped there. This negates the protection spell Marnie put into place and allows Sookie, Lafayette, Tara, and Holly to run towards each other in the street just as Marnie casts the protection spell back into place. The four disappear and Jason is left in the street alone.


Terry and Arlene found Andy with a vial of V. Terry says he will handle it and takes Andy to Fort Bellefleur, where they discuss V addiction and Terry’s past. Andy seems to see the light and makes steps towards recovery thanks to his cousin.

We Lose One

This episode brings another hard-hitting character death as well. Alcide brings Tommy to Sam at Merlotte’s. Tommy does not want to go to the hospital when Sam tries to take him and Alcide says that Tommy deserves to choose his time. We watch as Alcide and Sam comfort Tommy as he dies on the pool table. Sam vows that Marcus is a dead wolf.

Meanwhile, Marcus is with Debbie at her house and puts the moves on her when she explains that she wants wolf kids and that Alcide doesn’t. Uh oh. Now I think both Alcide and Sam are going to want this guy dead.

We end the episode with Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica showing up to Moon Goddess leather clad and weapons hot.

This episode was action packed and is hurtling quickly towards a thrilling conclusion.

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