We left off with Bill and Eric peeping into Sookie’s house where she and Alcide were making out. Sookie and Alcide take it to the bedroom and begin to get undressed when Sookie pukes on Alcide’s shoes. Bill and Eric are in the doorway and tell Alcide “he sure knows how to treat a woman.”

TrueBlood S5E5 Bill and Eric in Sookie's doorway

Lafayette struggles with his witch alter ego, asking God and Jesus for help but receiving nothing but tormenting visions back.

A Fiery End

Eller ties up Terry and Patrick, asking if anything followed them in. Eller tells them that they should not have done what they did and we get a flashback from the war. After they were attacked, there was one woman still alive. Terry insisted that they could call for help and save her, but Patrick made him put her down. The woman cursed all of them with a fire demon before dying. The crew burned the bodies in a mass grave.

TrueBlood S5E5 Patrick and Terry tied up by Eller

Eller believes that they are cursed with Ifrit and that this is the reason all the fires are happening. Terry agrees, as he saw the entity too. Terry gets Eller to release them and Patrick knocks Eller out, saying that Terry “put on a good show.” Terry tries to tell Patrick that he was serious, but the two leave the bunker with Eller still tied up. Ifrit then creeps in to the bunker and looks to suffocate Eller. I am enjoying this storyline. It is dynamic and something new that’s supernatural.

Visions and Revelations

Jason and Andy wake up at home naked from the fairy party. They decide to leave it behind them. Andy insists that he has a good thing with Holly and he won’t mess it up because of fairies. Jason struggles with visions of his parents throughout the episode and how they died, since he now knows they were killed by vampires.

The pair are called to the crime scene that Sam found: Suzanne and Emory’s bodies shot. Sam tells them it is probably a hate crime against supes as they were outstandingly loved people. We find this to be true during the end of the episode when a group of masked guys in a truck bed drives by Luna’s house while Sam is heading outside. They shoot Sam and when Luna comes out, they shoot her in the chest. Luna dies on the grass in front of her house. Emma comes out of the house and Sam tells her to run. She turns into a wolf and runs into the woods. Sam can’t have nothing, huh.

TrueBlood S5E5 Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Alcide comb the hospital for Russell

Alcide, Sookie, Eric, and Bill take Alcide’s glamoured employee to the asylum so that Sookie can find his memories and they can hunt down Russell. They find Russell (and a ton of bodies) inside and he tells them to take their best shot. The crew learns from the employee’s memories that the person who unearthed Russell was a female Authority member. It could easily be Nora, as releasing Russell would help the Sanguinista cause.

TrueBlood S5E5 Jessica and Tara have girl talk at the bar

Tara bartends at Fangtasia and starts to build a friendship with Jessica. Both know what it is like to be turned without consent. Hoyt shows up to the bar and Tara ruins it by feeding on him in the bathroom. Jessica hears them from the next stall over and the two fight.

TrueBlood S5E5 Tara bartending at Fangtasia

This showdown with Russell and his wolfpack will surely be the focus of the next episode. They better move fast as Bill and Eric only have until sunrise before their iStakes go off.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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