This episode opens with a news cast revealing that the largest Tru Blood factory in Texas has been bombed and there were even human casualties. The vampire crew feasts on a human to celebrate their victory.


Molly finds that the compound is locked down and that no one can move in or out of the building unless they are someone like Salome or Nora. Eric asks her if there is anyway they can escape and the two come up with a plan. Eric brings Bill in on the plan, asking him to steal Salome’s blood.

Trueblood S5E9 Molly near the elevator

Meanwhile, Sookie enlists Lafayette to help her figure out who Warlow is and why she is attached to him. Gran comes to Lafayette and tells him that Sookie is sleeping on top of answers. Sookie gets family photos and obituaries out from under the bed, but is confused as to how the answer is in this box of mementos that she’s combed through her whole life. Sookie does notice that in the obituary, it says that Sheriff Dearborne found her parent’s bodies, a detail she never knew. Sookie decides to pay Bud a visit.

Trueblood S5E9 Lafayette and Sookie on her bed

Is He Gone?

Jessica assures the police that Hoyt is not one of the Obama shooters. She is afraid and tells Jason so because she cannot feel Hoyt, as if he were asleep or dead. We see that this is the case because Hoyt is unconscious being dragged through a pig pen.

Trueblood S5E9 Jessica with Jason at the police station

Luna leaves the hospital with Sam against his wishes, but the two join in the search for the Obamas. They smelled pig shit where they found Jessica. Andy tells them that they need to go home and tries to cut them off from the search, so Luna and Sam seek out the perpetrators on their own.

Trueblood S5E9 Sam and Luna with Andy at the police station

Andy and Jason find a website dedicated to videos of the Obamas staking vampires and such. They cry out “Long Live the Dragon,” and Andy is remind of a Klan member that died a while back. This is definite confirmation that we are looking at a hate group modelled off of the KKK. Andy and Jason begin to try to figure out who the new Dragon is – their leader.

Means to Information

Andy and Jason beat Joe Bob in his cell when he will not reveal any information about the Dragon.

Trueblood S5E9 Jason with Joe Bob in his cell

We get to see Alcide flash back to training for his pack with Debbie when they were younger. Alcide’s father is the teacher. We aren’t sure where this is going, but Alcide drives and shows up at his father’s house later in the episode, where he is drinking and gambling.

Unexpected Twists

Sookie meets with Bud at his house and Bud tells her that at the time of her parents’ death, they just thought that alligators had gotten to the bodies but that it is very possible that the damage was from a vampire. Sookie reads Bud’s mind and realizes he’s hiding something. A woman appears and hits Sookie over the head with a frying pan.

Patrick jumps Arlene on her way into Merlotte’s and makes her call any other employees so that they don’t show up. Terry arrives and sees Arlene at gunpoint. Terry gets down on his knees and is ready to sacrifice himself when Arlene stabs Patrick in the neck with a pencil from her hair. They get the situation turned in their favor, and Terry kills Patrick when the woman’s spirit he killed appears and tells him he must do it to make it right. After Terry shoots Patrick, the woman conjures Ifrit and the monster takes Patrick’s body and Terry and Arlene are left in peace.

Trueblood S5E9 Patrick holding Arlene at gunpoint

Sookie wakes up in a pig pen and sees Hoyt. She can tell he’s been drugged by his thoughts. Bud appears with the woman and forces Sookie to drink a mixture that knocks her out.

Catching Up

Andy and Jason rewatch some of the Obama videos and notice Bud’s boots on one of the Obamas. They know they are Bud’s boots because they were a gift to him at his retirement party. They bust into Bud’s home but it is empty. They remember Luna and Sam saying something about the smell of pigs and they head to Bud’s wife’s family farm.

When Sookie wakes, Bud and the woman are in front of her. They preach about how supes must be killed – all of them, including her. We learn that this woman is the Dragon and Sookie reads her mind, finding out that her husband left her for a shifter. The pair are about to kill Sookie when Sam – as a pig – attacks them. Sam saves Sookie and Andy and Jason show up not far behind. When Bud tries to kill Sam with a shovel, Andy shoots Bud and kills him. Jason grabs Sookie, but she points to Hoyt, who seems to be getting eaten by pigs.

Trueblood S5E9 Jason finding Sookie in the pig pen

Jason and Andy rush Hoyt to the hospital. Outside, Luna runs after Sweetie, the Dragon, and beats her in a field.

Trueblood S5E9 Eric and Nora

Back at the vampire lair, Eric listens as Nora tries to convince him of her religion. He concedes that he wants to believe and Nora reunites with him. The pair head to the elevator where Molly is waiting.

Trueblood S5E9 Eric and Molly holding a limp, drugged Nora

Eric drugs Nora. Bill walks up, but so does Salome. Eric learns that Bill has turned him in and Eric is arrested. It really does seem like Bill has changed sides, but I hope not.

Trueblood S5E9 Eric being arrested

At Fangtasia, Pam tells a vampire at the club to get out of Eric’s throne. He tosses her across the room and says that Northman is over and that he is the new sheriff.

Trueblood S5E9 Newlin and Russell walking close together

Russell tells Newlin about how he lords over werewolves by giving them his blood and how they serve him. Russell visits J.D.’s pack and lets them drink from him. When Martha won’t, Russell takes the baby wolf in her arms – Emma – from her.

Trueblood S5E9 Russell choking J.D.

J.D. tries to stop Russell, but Russell attacks him and asserts that his blood is not free. Boy is Luna going to be pissed. Russell gives Emma to Newlin as a pet. At the beginning of this series, I could have never predicted that Russell and Newlin would be such an item.

Trueblood S5E9 Russell holding Emma as a pup
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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