For such a vulgar episode title, there really isn’t too much of it going on.

Warlow Revelations

We open this episode with Sookie holding Warlow hostage with her fairy light orb. Warlow confesses that he is actually in love with her and that they are meant to be together. Sookie insists that this cannot be true and demands that Warlow explain why he killed her parents then.

TrueBloodS6E5 Sookie with her fairy light orb

Warlow gives a shocking revelation; he killed Sookie’s parents because they were on their way to kill HER. Bill feels something going on at Sookie’s and he shows up, commanding Warlow to come with him “as his maker.” It works. It seems Bill has enough of Lilith inside him to be Warlow’s maker.

TrueBloodS6E5 Bill and Warlow

Bill and Warlow flash back to when Lilith became Warlow’s maker. She said that she was making him to be vampirekind’s savior.

Jessica Complications

Right before this, Bill is comforting Jessica as she mourns Andy’s fairy children and apologizes for her actions. Jessica tries to kiss Bill but he rejects her. While Bill is gone getting Warlow, Andy shows up at Bill’s place and finds his dead daughters.

TrueBloodS6E5 Andy looking exasperated after finding his daughters

One daughter is breathing shallowly and Andy rescues her while Jessica watches from the other room. Andy takes his daughter to the police station and feeds her vampire blood that was stored in evidence to revive her. She reveals that Jessica did this to them.

Fight to the Death

Tara tells Eric that Pam was taken and Eric decides that the pair turn themselves in to invade the vampire torture camp and get Pam out. We get to see vampire prison and the way that the people who run it make the vampires fight to the death. Eric finds out that Willa is in the camp and is appalled that Burrell did that to his own daughter. Burrell orders Pam and Eric into a room to fight to the death.

TrueBloodS6E5 Eric and Pam in an enclosed room forced to fight each other

Sarah tries to get Burrell to forget about his daughter, but he insists on taking her to the camp himself. Sarah is all in her feelings and visits Jason. This ends in sex.

TrueBloodS6E5 Jason and Sarah

When Jessica shows up at Jason’s right after, Sarah storms out because Jason is still in cahoots with vampires. Jessica also ends up at the vampire camp when Sarah blows the whistle about her at Jason’s.

TrueBloodS6E5 Tara and Jessica in the vampire facility

Another Seance

Sookie confesses all about Warlow to Lafayette and asks him to summon her dead parents because she wants the truth. It is revealed to us that Sookie’s father decided that he was going to murder her and Sookie’s mother went along with it. Sookie’s father found out that Warlow was going to turn her into a vampire and live with her happily ever after and Sookie’s dad decided that death was better than vampirism.

TrueBloodS6E5 Sookie and Lafayette performing a seance

Sookie’s dad is a pretty bad guy and his spirit takes over Lafayette during the seance.

Terry hires an old friend to kill him after he gets his affairs in order. It seems he just can’t live with what he did to Patrick.

TrueBloodS6E5 Arlene and Terry with his friend at the bar

We end this episode with Sookie’s father inhabiting Lafayette’s body. He kidnaps Sookie and brings her to the river and begins drowning her.

TrueBloodS6E5 Lafayette drowning Sookie
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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