This episode delivered ends to a couple characters in hard hitting, gut wrenching ways.

TrueBloodS7E3 Reverend Daniels holding Lettie Mae

We open the episode with a yoga class run by a guru. We see that Sarah Newlin is here and going by the name Noomi.

Love Interests

Pam confronts Eric about his illness. Eric says that he’s been sick with Hep V for about a month. Eric seems to have given up on living and is even unfazed when Pam tells him that Tara died. We get a flashback about fifty years ago in France, where Eric is taken with a human named Sylvie. Nan Flanagan shows up and reprimands Eric and Pam for not registering with their local sheriff. Nan describes a Japanese corporation bringing Tru Blood to market.

TrueBloodS7E3 Pam finding Eric sick

Pam agrees to cooperate with the Authority, but Eric curses at Nan. She says that he’ll be sorry and Eric definitely is when Japanese vampires show up and make him decide whether they will kill Pam or Sylvie. It is clearly a hard decision, but Eric saves Pam.

TrueBloodS7E3 Nan


We see Sarah back at the yoga class as Noomi. She is the guru’s girlfriend and the two sleep together. Sarah puts on a robe and goes to get a bottle of wine when the same Japanese vampires break in the house and murder the guru when he will not reveal where Sarah is. This brings Eric’s past to modern day and relates it to Sarah Newlin. Interesting development. I love how unexpected this was and it shows that the corporation probably found out about Sarah’s killing of Suzuki in the plant.

TrueBloodS7E3 Sarah as Noomi in the wine cellar

Pam tells Eric that Sarah is alive. This motivates Eric to stay alive himself and he says “then let’s go find her.”

Making a Plan

Alcide gets out of the shower and finds that Sookie has gone. He follows her scent to Bill’s, but neither are there. We see Sookie and Bill walking into the woods after making sure that Alcide would not be able to follow their scent. Sookie’s plan is that she will become vampire bait and let the infected vampires take her to where they are holding Arlene, Holly, and Nicole. Bill will then find her and rescue her based on her fear.

Lettie Mae has become addicted to vampire blood. Reverend Daniels explains to Willa that Lettie Mae’s disease will create a vice out of anything. Daniels is really nice in explaining why he cannot keep Willa around and the two have a moment of tenderness and connecting before Willa is uninvited from their home. Daniels even lets Willa feed on him for the first time before she must leave.

TrueBloodS7E3 Willa feasting on Daniels

Sam and his assigned vampire Matt encounter Vince and the townspeople with their guns drawn in the middle of the road. The two get out of the car and the townspeople kill Matt. Sam turns into an owl to escape.

Jessica and Andy arrive to bust Adilyn and Wade out of the holding cell Portia locked them up in. Andy takes the two to Jason’s house and tells them to stay inside and keep safe. Andy, Jason, Jessica, and Violet head out to take care of the mob.

James and Lafayette bond when they smoke weed together and Lafayette takes drugs and lets them work. James feeds on Lafayette’s drugged up blood and the pair get high together. Lafayette thinks that James is into him and James says that isn’t the wrong impression but that he’s with Jessica. James doesn’t seem that into Jessica though, so I see a future boyfriend for Lafayette, maybe?

TrueBloodS7E3 James and Lafayette

The Hard Hitting Deaths

Jason, Andy, Jessica, and Violet find Sam’s abandoned truck. As they investigate, the townspeople emerge from the woods.

TrueBloodS7E3 Jason and Jessica facing off against the mob

Andy and Jason demand they stand down, but Maxine Fortenberry shoots Jessica in the shoulder. Violet runs over and rips out Maxine’s heart while the group scatters. This was such a great death for the show and honestly, Ms. Fortenberry had this coming.

TrueBloodS7E3 The Town mob

As Sookie and Bill wait for their trap to work, Sookie confesses that she doesn’t love Alcide as much as he loves her.

TrueBloodS7E3 Sookie waiting in a field

Sam and Alcide run into each other and both go looking for Sookie.

The infected vampires need to go out to get food again so they select Holly to go with them.

TrueBloodS7E3 The infected vampires with Holly

Holly runs into Sookie in the woods. As Sookie is trying to process why this is happening, the infected vampires attack Bill.

TrueBloodS7E3 Andy finding Holly

However, Jason, Andy, Violet, and Jessica come to the rescue just as Sam and Alcide also arrive. The crew shoots two of the infected vampires that are right next to Sookie and Violet takes Sookie to wash off her face of the blood after Alcide makes sure she didn’t get any in her mouth.

TrueBloodS7E3 The infected vampires holding Sookie

While Sookie is in the water, a person steps from the bushes and shoots Alcide twice – once in the chest and once in the head. Sookie rushes to his body. Jessica offers to turn him but she refuses, as she’s been down that road before. Sookie cries over Alcide’s dead body.

Alcide’s death feels much more complete than Tara’s did. Alcide died protecting the person he loved more than anything and that is very characteristic of Alcide. We got those moments of grief, especially from Sookie, that we were missing with Tara and we got to see Alcide’s death through. Although it was quite shocking, it was a great end to the character. Does this leave Sookie open to return to Bill? Maybe, but most likely not after Billith’s crazy journey last season.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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