In this episode, someone fucks a random fairy. Yeah, that’s about all you need to know. This episode gets crazy.

The vampire team shows up at Moon Goddess Emporium ready to take it out. Jason stops them by telling them that Sookie is inside. Pam is enraged at Bill and Eric for allowing this information to stop them. Jason shows them the fortress that is around the emporium because of Marnie’s spell. They decide to abort mission just as the two vampires Marnie has control over show up outside to attack Bill, Eric, Jessica, and Pam.

Meanwhile inside Moon Goddess, Marnie tells everyone that they are not being held captive and can leave whenever they want. When one woman steps forward to leave, Marnie moves her finger and forces a knife into the woman’s chest. At this moment, Antonia steps out of Marnie. Lafayette is the only one who can see this, so he explains to the others as he watches Marnie bind Antonia to her forcefully.

Jesus lies to Marnie and says that the woman she stabbed has a faint pulse. Jesus and Lafayette take the woman in the bathroom to “save” her. Jesus explains that he can separate Marnie and Antonia with a spell but must use this victim’s blood to power the spell.

After Bill and Eric kill Marnie’s vampire lackeys, Marnie decides it is time for negotiation. She brings Sookie outside with her and insists that Bill and Eric die for Sookie’s freedom. Pam becomes irritated when it looks like they will agree and launches an RPG into the force field. It explodes, sending them flying backwards. Jason gets hurt badly, looking like Freddy with a fried face, and Jessica must heal him with her blood.

On the werewolf/shifter side of the storyline, Marcus’ cronies won’t give his location to Alcide and Sam. Luna shows up screaming about how Marcus has kidnapped Luna. Luna gets a phone call from Emma. Emma doesn’t know where she is, but Alcide recognizes the phone number as his own house.

Marcus is at Alcide’s house attempting to convince Debbie to run away with him and Emma. The trio arrives and Luna takes Emma away from the house. Sam and Alcide fight Marcus and then decide to leave him alive, but Marcus tries to kill Sam. Marcus ends up dead, choked out by Alcide. Good riddance. Alcide renounces Debbie and it’s a done deal.

Marnie looks into the future and sees herself dead. She forces everyone to perform a spell with her. Her spell is forcing the vampires to step into her force field and burn to death. Sookie blasts Marnie with her powers and Marnie traps her inside of a rapidly developing fire. It looks like everyone is about to die when Jesus’ spell works and breaks the force field, disappears the fire, and pulls Antonia out of Marnie.

With the protective spell gone, the vampires rush into Moon Goddess and murder Marnie. Jesus is shaken that his actions have ended in Marnie’s death. As they lay in bed at night, Lafayette tells Jesus that he saved lives today. Lafayette has trouble sleeping and sees Marnie over his body. Suddenly, Marnie’s spirit is inside him.

Oh yeah, and on Andy’s walk home a fairy comes out of a portal and has sex with him. I wonder how this will come into play.

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