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We enter this new season with the aftermath at the AVL compound. Eric and Sookie run away from Bill at the same time that the other half of the gang (Pam, Jessica, Nora, and Jason) escape from the building.

Trueblood S6E1 Tara, Sookie, and Nora

The compound explodes and the gang outside worry that Sookie and Eric are dead inside the building. Just as they begin to get hysterical, Eric and Sookie pull up in an SUV next to them, urging them inside. As they are driving away, they see a bloody Bill exit the compound building and stare at them. Eric punches the gas right as they see Bill fly straight up into the sky – he let them go.

Escape and Death

Sam, Luna, and Emma escape the compound before the explosion, but Luna cannot run from the guards any longer. The skinwalking is causing her to die and she knows it. Luna tells Sam that he must protect Emma and that she belongs with him. Sam promises to look after her and we watch as Sam and Emma depart as Luna dies in the grass. Sam really can’t have anything good.

We see the Louisiana governor hold a press conference where he announces that vampires in the state will be required to stay indoors during the night hours and that he is ordering that all vampire businesses be shut down. The crowd cheers him on until a protestor throws a balloon full of blood at the governor that explodes all over his suit. He doesn’t seem too fazed and has the protestor removed.

Relationships Shatter

Pam gets upset when Eric tells her that Nora is his sister. Pam and Eric grow quite distant this episode when Eric leaves Pam behind to go with Nora on a mission to see Bill.

Trueblood S6E1 Pam and Eric fighting about Nora

Pam gets upset and walks down to the beach where Tara follows her. Pam is crying and doesn’t want Tara to see, but Tara insists on being there for Pam. When the pair return to the group, they are buttoning their pants. We know what happened on the beach.

Trueblood S6E1 Pam and Tara on the beach

Nora asks Jason what he knows about Warlow, as he is a figure in the vampire bible – Lilith’s progeny. Well, that’s a bummer to hear since that means he’s like the oldest, most powerful vamp ever. Nora and Jason begin to fight when she glamours him for information and Jason pulls a gun on Nora. Sookie steps in the middle and Jason leaves, betrayed that his sister would choose a vampire over him.

Trueblood S6E1 Jason pointing his gun at Sookie

Walking home, Jason hitchhikes with none other than Warlow. Jason spills his guts about his family and Sookie only for Warlow to reveal who he is. Jason tries to shoot Warlow, but he disappears into air and the car is about to wreck with no driver.

Power Trip

Meanwhile, Alcide partakes with the pack and eats J.D.’s body. Danielle, a she-wolf in the pack, approaches Alcide and offers covert sexual favors. The pair are in the woods making out when Rikki comes upon them. The two are embarrassed and apologize, but Rikki starts a three-way and tells Alcide that she is his number one.

Andy is having a hard time raising his four babies and Arlene reassures him about the difficulty of parenting. Andy warms up to the babies, but when he wakes up the next morning, they are small children. They age just as rapidly as the pregnancy did apparently. That seems like good news. You’ll only have four kids to take care of for a few days, Andy.

Trueblood S6E1 Sam and Lafayette at Merlotte's

Sam sneaks back into Merlotte’s with Emma, but Lafayette is there drinking alone. Lafayette promises to never speak of this night for Sam and Emma’s safety and takes Emma to the kitchen to eat.

Trueblood S6E1 Bill in a rocking chair on his porch

Bill summons Jessica and it is so painful that Jessica must go to him. Sookie and Jessica show up and Bill looks normal – not covered in blood. We see the extent of Bill’s powers when Sookie stakes Bill after he threatens Eric. Bill pulls the wooden rod from his chest. It does not affect him.

Trueblood S6E1 Bill pulling the stake from his body while Eric looks on in disbelief

Jessica is appalled that Sookie tried to stake Bill and pledges her allegiance to him, telling Sookie, Eric, and Nora to leave. Inside, Bill brings Jessica a glass of blood. It slips from the side table and Bill catches it with his mind. It is clear that Bill does not know what he is and what his powers are, but he’s definitely some kind of god now.

Secret Deals

The Louisiana governor meets the packaging superintendent of Tru Blood. He offers her a packaging and bottling plant free of charge to get Tru Blood back out there for the vampires. He reveals that what he gets in exchange is that the vampires will return to being normal, tax-paying citizens. Nothing suspicious here.

At Fangtasia, Pam and Tara fight about her loyalty to Eric. Suddenly, a SWAT team bursts in and asserts that they are shutting down the bar. Tara gets upset as they point guns at Pam and moves, making the team shoot her. Tara writhes on the floor in pain.


Eric and Sookie go back to her house, where Eric signs the house back over to her to keep her safe. Sookie revokes his invitation to her home, just wanting to feel like the woman she was when the show began – the girl in the white dress, they call it.

Trueblood S6E1 Eric signing Sookie's house back over to her in his own blood

The final scene of this episode is one where voices call to Bill, leading him to his living room. Three Lilith-like female figures wait for him and all run at him, entering his body. We don’t know who these women are, but I’m sure they’re bad news.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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