This episode, Killer Queens, was baller. There was a moment when I was cheering like I was at the Super Bowl. I’m sure you’ll know it when we get there.

Cody Fern as Michael Langdon in American Horror Story Apocalypse.

We start with Langdon continuing his interviews. This feels very much like a cat playing with a bird before he eats it. He lets all of them believe that they might be saved, that he is almost certainly going to take them to the safe zone. Only to crush them.

Ms. Venable, for instance. He starts the conversation so warmly, as though she’s certainly going. He makes her undress, so he can inspect her deformity. And after that, he tells her she won’t be coming with him. 

When Langdon gets to Mallory, though, he finds something surprising. I think it surprises the hell out of Mallory, too. 

They talk about Mallory having darkness inside of her. Of feeling like there’s part of her that’s hidden away. She’s spooked by this conversation and tries to leave. He grabs her by the arm. Not thrilled with this, she yells at him to let her go. And the flames in the fireplace shoot out, almost consuming him. For a moment his face changes to a demonic snarl. Then, both thoroughly freaked out by each other, they essentially skitter in opposite directions.

Ms. Venable, on the other hand, isn’t scared at all. And the arrival of fresh apples seems to be her sign. She and Ms. Mead decide to poison everyone in the Outpost. Fortunately, they were recently gifted with a flock of venomous snakes. 

Almost like this was planned. 

They plan a Halloween party and have everyone bob for apples. Then they all eat.

Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts and Frances Conroy in American Horror Story Apocalypse.

I was waiting for something to stop this. It seemed like three episodes in was way too early to kill off the majority of the cast. 

But no, they’re dead. 

And as they lay in the library, dead, the music on the radio starts to change. We hear Fleetwood Mac, as the mist swirls outside around three figures. They come into focus, and we see it’s Supreme Cordelia Goode, along with Madison Montgomery and Myrtle Snow from Coven

That’s right, Cordelia is here. Which is good, because I’m pretty sure Langdon is the actual Antichrist. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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