Trunk Space – Omeleto

This video by Omeleto was sent to me by a colleague. I’m not much into YouTube video watching, but I’m damn glad this one came across my lap. The short film is simple, sweet, and all too effective.

It’s a road trip. Who hasn’t been on one of those where the road stretches for miles and miles? The acting is strong in Trunk Space and we are sucked into the world of two friends, both with a different past haunting them.

I also really loved the camera work here. The screenplay and movie maker in me was trying to see how much money would go into a film like this. The props and shots are all pretty low key but beautifully done. I think that’s the true sign of ‘homemade’ vs ‘indy’. This is indy and polished–what they do with a small space is remarkable.

There’s a killer on the road…

from Trunk Space by Omeleto

The hitchhiking motif has been done before. A lot. A lot of a lot. I think it’s a favorite of younger film makers because of the rarity of hitchhiking now versus how it used to be years ago. Ask your parents how close they kept the tire iron when taking long road trips before.

Give this man a ride…

from Trunk Space by Omeleto

Trunk Space plays up on that fear–should we do something good even though bad things can happen to us? It’s a mystery of life, really. Would you be willing to put yourself on the line for a stranger?

The Verdict

As a short film, Trunk Space works well–the action is tight and comes from a decent dramatic setup. The acting is on point and I loved the camera work here. I think the ending will grab you. I give this 4 out of 5 Cthulhu.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)