Fans of cinema rejoice. It seems Troma Entertainment, Inc. has managed to reach an agreement with YouTube to bring their films back to the platform. The full press release follows.

Toxie & The Troma Team Thank Our Tromariffic Fans For Pressuring YouTube to Bring Back Our Free Channel From DELETION HELL! YouTube Caved to Your People Power! Keep Up The Fight For Indie Indie Art & Underdogs The World Over!

New York, NY – September 21, 2020 – Greetings from Tromaville! Thanks ENTIRELY to the Fans of Tromaville… The Troma Movies Channel is BACK on YouTube for Good!

Tromaville Citizens can finally rejoice! After a period of confusion and uncertainty…Troma Movies has returned!

Troma’s Own #UncleLloydie Thanks You for Getting Troma Movies Reinstated on YouTube!

Lloyd Kaufman, Troma President and Creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER, has spent the last 50 years cultivating a historical (and hysterical!) legacy & long-lasting mark on the world of independent cinema. 

Not only has Troma used YouTube as a home for our feature films but it has also been a place for Troma to house fan films, shorts, music videos, instructional videos, masterclasses and promotional materials. Most of these videos, if not all, were made for & by fans! 

It has also been a home for many of Lloyd Kaufman’s most precious moments with the fans, many of which have been amazingly captured on video. 

Our Incredible fans have been able to record and maintain a time capsule of Troma through the years and YouTube’s decision to remove the Troma Movies Channel was not only a disservice to Troma, Lloyd Kaufman & independent film in general but also a huge injustice to the fans…The ONE group of people that enable a company like YouTube to be successful. 

The Citizens of Tromaville are also the reason why we have been able to Survive & Thrive for over 47 years in an industry led by diabolical, multinational media cartels.

The Troma faithful have been unbelievably instrumental in our success for the last 46 years and now can rest happily knowing our reinstatement is ALL due to their care & dedication towards fighting for the little guy…. and Troma could not be more grateful for your support! Initially, we had to take down all of our most beloved films from YouTube because of their “ever-changing and nonspecific guidelines.”

At one time, Troma Movies had over 300 Troma films & 450,000 subscribers.
We provided our fans with our entre film library, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Because YouTube was not able to monetize our films, they continuously found ways to disrupt OUR disruption of the media!

YouTube also decided to cancel our as Lloyd Kaufman’s Upcoming Magnum
Sized Opus, #SHAKESPEARESSHITSTORM, was having its WORLDWIDE PREMIERE, severely damaging our advertising campaign for the film. Many of our promos and videos are housed on the Troma Movies Channel.

Luckily, YouTube has come to their senses.

However, this could still put a serious damper on any independent company that does not have the luxury of Multi-Million Dollar Hollywood Backers to aide in getting the word out about their films.

In one swift click of a button, In one click of a button, YouTube ALMOST eliminated much of the masterful 50-year history & career of our very own Lloyd Kaufman!

Together with Michael Herz, “Uncle Lloydie” founded Troma Entertainment
47 years ago with the slogan, “Movies of the Future”, and now, thanks to the support of Troma’s #TROMAzing Fanbase, Troma will be able to continue the fight for “Reel Independence”

Troma Entertainment (as always) is making arrangements for something even bigger, better, and on the way very soon!

Are you relieved to see Troma’s library of films available on YouTube again? Let us know in the comments and link us to your favorite films.

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