With Pocket Paragons, a fighting force at your fingertips is ready for action!

Get your combat skills ready, it’s time to duke it out in this fast-paced attack/counterattack game. Pick a party of phenomenal Pocket Paragons and go head to head with your favorite frenemy to Smite Suppress Sever your way to success.

The game is fast at a playtime of 3 – 15 minutes. But the curtains won’t go up until you both say it’s showtime. Reveal the damage when everyone is ready and reap the consequences of your decisions.

Pocket Paragons card game setup shown with optional play mat
Pocket Paragons setup shown with optional play mat

Turn the Tide and Battle of Wits your way to the top

Choose your next move carefully based on what cards are down or left unseen, which of your powers can be restored, and if it seems a wise time to rest. But choose well or risk being countered or even executed in your sleep. One false move could be a matter of life or death…

Pocket Paragons assassin character Kagemusha's player cards
Kagemusha assassin player cards

Borrow Time on your charge to a Grim Finale

Don’t get too attached, characters come and go quickly. Use your capabilities to your advantage to stay in the ring as long as possible and outlive your opponents. As you get the hang of the playstyle, you can take on more complex characters to maximize your mayhem.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I give Pocket Paragons a 4 out of 5 Cthulus. This is a fun, fast-paced frenzy of feverish foul play. You don’t get so invested as to create a rift between you and your best bud and it’s just as easy to line up a new round and go again. And again. And again. Because once you drop, you can’t stop.

available Pocket Paragons sets: Origins, Aegis, Rivals of Aether and Temporal Odyssey
Pocket Paragons sets feature different character decks

Wanna get in on all of the Backstabbing action?

This new hack n slash game hails from Solis Game Studios and is smaller than a smartphone so you can be prepared for all those on-the-go dueling needs. Waiting on your order at Pizza Palace never passed so pleasantly before. And all the action fits in your pocket at the ready!

All of the Pocket Paragons decks are available here – learn more and check out at the store. https://www.solisgamestudio.com/pocketparagons

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