Welcome to Cosplay Creeps, the horror cosplay interview and spotlight series here on Haunted MTL.

This week we interview of Te-Elle Costumes. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Te-Elle cosplays and creates costumes for others. In this installment, we spotlight her creepy-cute Pennywise cosplay!

Courtesy of Peter Horsman

So, why Pennywise as a cosplay choice?

Te-Elle: I knew I had to cosplay this Pennywise when I saw a photo that had been making the rounds on Facebook of a doll of a girl Pennywise created by Wren’s Fairy Realm which I absolutely ADORED!

What was the process of assembling the cosplay like?

If I remember correctly I made the costume in under a week. A lot of the construction is very basic and “unfinished” to give it a more disheveled feel. It has a whole whack of fabric stiffener and the skirt and the collar and a tonne of charcoal powder in all the seams to give it that dirty/used look.

How did you get into cosplay?

Back in the days when Facebook told you which pages your friends had recently liked, a friend of a friend had “liked” Ardella Cosplay’s Facebook page. I was curious as I had never heard of “cosplay” before so I stalked the page. I was pretty gobsmacked to find this world that involved all my favorite hobbies and I’ve been hooked ever since.


What is your favorite horror story?

Okay, so, I’ve seen a couple of adaptations of this one but; the one where every night the guy goes to bed and his dog is annoying him by licking his hand from under his bed. One night he finds out his dog is actually in the backyard or dead or something to that accord and he goes back to bed, only to still have his hand licked by whatever is living under his bed. It gives me chills every time.

Any future horror cosplay plans?

No future horror plans at the moment, as I’m focussing on my commission business, but if something good pops up I’ll be sure to get right on it!

Any advice to people who are interested in moving into cosplay?

If you want to get into cosplay you just have to dive in. Pick your first character, write out all the elements you need, whether you’re making it from scratch, buying pre-made or commissioning. Research, research, research and save, save, save, no matter what way you’re going about it this stuff can get expensive!

The photos above were shot by Peter Horsman. You can see more of his work on DeviantArt. We will be interviewing him soon as well.

To get in touch with Te-Elle Costumes for more of her stunning work, or even cosplay commissions, please visit her Facebook page. She can also be found on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more Cosplay Creeps soon.

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