You may remember my post from January 13, 2021 featuring the Hauntings photographs at the abandoned penitentiary.

Anyway, I’ve digitally altered some of my favorite images from this series to create a series of jewelry rosaries. Here are some photographs of these wearable artworks, with photographs printed on metal and hand-beading. Mary be damned, literally…

image of hand-beaded jewelry displayed as if hung on a wall and shown as displayed on a jewelry stand

Hand-beading features cut Czech glass, tektite, hematite, blackstone, and carved mother-of-pearl birds. Detailed images of pendants show a shadowy cloaked figure in various scenes at the penitentiary, ethereal, bathed in light and with other paranormal accompaniments.

pendant featuring cloaked figure standing in a puddle, bathed in light
pendant featuring transparent cloaked figure in a hallway
pendant featuring cloaked figure at the op of the stairs, fading into digital snow
pendant featuring grainy portrait image of cloaked figure in front of fuse box
pendant featuring cloaked figure in front of cell bars holding a bright flash of light
Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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