SIDEWINDER, Colo. — The Overlook Hotel, located in scenic Sidewinder, Colorado, announced today that it will be offering a special getaway package during the COVID-19 quarantine. Stuart Ullman, proprietor of the establishment, spoke to the media about the special offer.

“The Overlook Hotel is the perfect place for social distancing,” he said. “It’s high in the mountains and completely secluded, with no one around for miles. The building has been completely cleaned and sanitized; no one needs to worry about any potential contamination. From the pandemic, of course,” he explained.

An all-inclusive resort

Mr. Ullman went on to describe some of the amenities that are available for guests in the hotel. “We have a kitchen — complete with walk-in freezer — that is fully stocked, as well as a complimentary bar that’s open 24 hours a day. We only have one bartender, but he’s a real trouper.”

The hotel owner then continued, “The Overlook offers plenty of space for guests to work remotely, although our technology may be slightly outdated. We can provide a typewriter, but guests may wish to bring their laptops. There are many beautiful, spacious rooms available in case guests need to conduct Zoom meetings. All rooms are open except for Room 237, which is occasionally occupied. Also, the wi-fi is really bad in there.”

Totally a-maze-ing

Guests can lose themselves in The Overlook Hotel’s elaborate hedge maze.

When asked if the hotel provided attractions for teens or younger children, Mr. Ullman responded, “We don’t have a pool, but there is a fantastic hedge maze out back that kids can explore. We have a spacious ballroom, and the hallways are big enough to ride a Big Wheel down — in fact, I think we may have one around here somewhere.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the hotel will only be available for one guest or family at a time. “We’re booking on a weekly basis, but we encourage guests to stay much longer,” Mr. Ullman explained. When asked if the price of the package might be too high for guests in the uncertain economy, Mr. Ullman said that the Overlook is willing to offer a special caretaker’s discount for those who wouldn’t mind taking on some extra responsibility at the hotel. “We know that once our guests arrive at The Overlook, they’ll feel right at home, like they’ve been here for years. In fact, they may never want to leave.”

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