It’s winter and is getting colder and we all know what that means – all the critters are coming inside where it’s warm. For those of you with rodent troubles, I have some advice regarding rat traps and unintended captures as follows…

How to catch a rat instructions to help distinguish between rat and dismembered hand infestations
How to catch a rat, some simple instructions to ensure success

Artwork description: A simple poster featuring an image of a gloved hand caught in a rat trap.

Image text reads: How to catch a rat… Set the rat trap following the instructions on the packaging. Acclimate your rats to the trap by baiting it without setting it to strike at first. Wait patiently. Check the trap often. Keep the trap baited with peanut butter or stinky cheese. Don’t be too surprised if your rat problem turns out to actually be a dismembered hand infestation. Dismembered hands are quite commonly found in older houses and are typically more active in the late fall when they are driven inside to look for gloves due to decreasing temperatures at that time of year.

and in small text: Remember: Dismembered hands are generally harmless but are known to grope if scared or provoked. Prevent this by grabbing them in a firm handshake.

The Incident original artwork by Jennifer Weigel includes a gloved hand caught in a rat trap
The Incident original artwork by Jennifer Weigel

Speaking of dismembered appendages roaming the earth, the hunt is still on for the elusive lost monkey paw…

Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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