menu sign for the Concessions Stand at HA DE S Theatres

Artwork description: Menu for HA DE S Theatres Concessions Stand featuring ethereal washed out black and white photograph Pop Corn machine with red rimmed eyeballs and pallid green-grey bloody zombie finger superimposed.

Image text reads: HA DE S Theatres Drive-By & Through Concessions Stand

Pop Corn… $1.00 (Blood blisters, boils and callouses included at no extra charge.) Add Spiders… $0.50. Add Teeth… $0.50.

Finger Lickin’ Fingers (The best Zombie Fingers this side of the Styx. Pay less for more eye-bulging heat, sure to gouge your eyes right out of their sockets & onto our plate.) Hot… $3.00. Hotter… $2.50. Hottest… $2.00.

Eyeballs… $1.00 each. 100% customer satisfaction.

black and white digitally altered photograph of popcorn machine
Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.