On the tenth day of murder house, we’ll be slaughtered by…

One toasty abandoned family

A mopy emo teenager

The actual Black Daliah

Two broken babies

A damaged teen school shooter

An emotionally broken girlfriend

Two fighting boyfriends

One crying socialite 

One maid of fury

Two nursing students

A pair of tragic blond twins

And a freak in a leather mask

Another trip to the Murder House, Killer Queens. And another family story with Constance back in 1994.

She wasn’t a very good mother, for someone who devoted her life to being a mother. Tate was her favorite child, we already knew this. And even her favorite kid was messed up. Maybe the weight of her mother’s love was just too heavy. 

For now, though, let’s discuss the living.

Ben’s finally come to his senses. He’s realized that Vivian isn’t crazy, and he’s feeling remorseful. 

Which kind of supports my theory that the house isn’t just haunted. There’s something about the house that just brings out the darkest parts of people. The shadowy parts of ourselves that might never have come to light if not for this fucked up place.

Left alone in the house with Violet, Ben is struggling to handle everything. He’s got a house to sell, but now it’s full of flies and he does not know why. He’s got Violet skipping school so much that the truant officer is paying a home visit. So he’s got to find another school for her.

Neither he nor Violet realizes that’s a moot point. Her school days are behind her now.

Oh, and he’s got Larry skulking around in the basement of his house without an invitation. And, let’s not forget the house full of ghosts.

But Ben’s bad day is nothing compared to Constance’s. Her boy toy was found cut up in a field. The news is calling him The Boy Daliah. Because apparently the news isn’t very clever. But she’s suspect number one. And all of her old sins are coming back. Her son, Beau’s death. The disappearance (gruesome murder) of her husband and Moira. Things are looking good that she’s going to land herself in jail. There’s no hairspray in jail.

Things are getting heavy, and rightly so. We’re reaching the end of this dark little haunted house tale. So while there wasn’t a lot of blood spilled in this episode, I imagine there’s lots more to come. 

I can’t wait, Killer Queens. Can you?

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