The final episode of season three of Dexter felt almost like a letdown.

Not that it was bad, mind you. It’s just that when you kill the big bad on the second to last episode, turns out even a wedding can’t make the last one feel more special.

We start this episode with the dead body of Miguel Prado, partially skinned and left in a park for all to see. 

This season has been hard on Maria. After losing her best friend last season, she’s now lost her new friend and an old flame. After, of course, finding out that her old flame was a psycho killer.

Maria isn’t the only one affected by the death, of course. Ramone, the last remaining Prado brother, is broken up. He attacks Dexter and later pulls a gun on him in a restaurant. Of course, he does this in front of all of Dexter’s cop friends. Why do people keep doing this? Does not one antagonist on this show understand that all of Dexter’s friends are cops? His sister is a cop. If he’s hanging out with someone in public, they’re probably a cop.

Ramon’s just sad, and angry. For once, Dexter does some good in someone’s life. He and Ramon have a conversation that they needed to have about Miguel. And Dexter finds out just what kind of monster he was. 

But Ramon’s not the only one Miguel sent after Dex. The Skinner, George King, is looking for him, thinking that he knows where to find the drug dealer Freebo. And Dexter does. Not that it’ll help the Skinner at all. 

This showdown was the disappointing part of this episode, to be honest. I was just never really scared of King. He didn’t make my blood boil as Miguel did. In the end, whatever happened to George King, I just didn’t care.

The ending of the season was a happy one. Dexter gets to dance with Rita at their wedding. Deb gets her detective shield and she gets to keep seeing Anton. And it seems that Harry’s ghost, or at least the bit of Dexter’s brain making up that ghost, is at peace. 

There’s a beautiful scene near the end, though. Dexter’s hand was hurt in his battle with King. And as he dances with Rita, some blood falls onto her white wedding dress. 

A warning of things to come in season four. 

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