On the seventh day of murder house, we’ll be slaughtered by…

Two broken babies

A damaged teen school shooter

An emotionally broken girlfriend

Two fighting boyfriends

One crying socialite 

One maid of fury

Two nursing students

A pair of tragic blond twins

And a freak in a leather mask

This story just gets more and more twisted, Killer Queens. Which, I guess, is part of the appeal of American Horror Story. Every time you think you might have an idea of what’s going on, you realize you’ve got no freaking clue. 

We start this episode in 1994 when Constance was living in the Murder House. With Larry. That’s right, Larry the partially burned guy who’s been harassing Ben. He also shows up at an open house. I have no idea what anyone was thinking, having an open house here. This place is already the Grand Central Station of ghosts and ghouls. Why invite more people in?

This wasn’t Vivian’s idea. But she does have a good one. She forces her relator to go on the Murder Tour with her, to learn as much as they can about the house. Vivian wants to be honest with any new buyers. Good for her. 

On the tour, we finally find out the full story of the family who built the house. At least, we find out the ending. 

After cutting their baby together with pieces of other people and animals, the doctor leaves him in his crib, waiting for his mother. Poor Nora, thinking she’s got her baby back, runs up the stairs. But she only finds a distorted monster who attacks her, leaving her bloody and horrified. After failing to kill the child, she goes downstairs and shoots her husband in the head. Then, she kills herself. 

There’s enough sadness in this house, that it’s easy to understand why anyone might want to pull the place to the ground. During this episode, we learn that not only did Tate die in this house, so did his brother Beau.

All of this makes it pretty comforting that a new buyer wants to pull the whole place down and build apartments. This doesn’t work for Constance, of course. But it doesn’t work for Moira, either. Her body is trapped on the grounds, and she can’t ever cross over unless it’s dug up and buried properly. If the whole place is built over, she’s trapped. So, they do what they have to do.

Unfortunately, that means the Harmons are still trapped there. And now Vivian is starting to realize exactly what they’re trapped there with.

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. We’ll see you on Sunday for another trip to the Murder House. 

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