In Dexter S8 E4, Deb seems to be doing a lot better. She’s working with Dr. Vogel to come to terms with the whole situation. 

This is probably a good idea.

Vogel has her off all addictive substances, doing therapy. She even has Deb living with her, so she can keep an eye on her. And it seems to be working. She even manages to go to work and bond with her boss. 

I worry about him. It’s not healthy to fall in love with Deb. 

Meanwhile, Dexter’s still hunting for the Brain Surgeon. He’s working closely with Vogal, closer than I think he’s ever worked with anyone. I certainly don’t remember him ever stopping in the middle of an investigation and thinking, “I’d better call them right now!”

Dexter is thinking of Vogel more and more as a mother. So it’s difficult when she tells him Deb might need to disconnect with him. 

While looking into a new Brain Surgeon suspect, though, Dexter finds two things that concern him. The first is a woman bleeding out in a locker. Fortunately, he’s found her in time, and she might survive.

The second thing is that the Brain Surgeon has all of Vogel’s patient records. Including Dexter’s.

Dexter is hurt by what he considers a betrayal. Of course, he was already irritated by Vogel’s refusal to let him see Deb. He tells her that he’ll find the Brain Surgeon, and then he’s out of Vogel’s life for good. 

Meanwhile, Deb finds out some startling information of her own. She’s watching videos of Harry’s therapy sessions. At first, this seems to help her come to terms with what Dexter is. Then, she comes upon the last one. The appointment right before Harry killed himself.

Deb’s never been good at hiding how she’s feeling. So when she shows up at the station looking for Dexter, I thought they were going to have a heart-to-heart. I thought someone else was going to attack them.

But no. She decided the only way to handle her feelings is murder-suicide. She drives both of them off the road and immediately regrets that decision.

I can’t wait to hear the conversation between the two of them in the next episode. 

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