It’s the last day of camp, Killer Queens. More than that, this is the last episode of American Horror Story that we haven’t yet covered here on Haunted MTL. That is until the new season starts.

Unless we’re counting season two of American Horror Stories. That starts on July 21st. And yes, we will be live-tweeting.

We start this episode in 2019 with a familiar face showing up at Camp Redwood. Finn Wittrock, playing Bobby Richter, is at Camp Redwood to find out what happened to his father. 

See, his dad is supposed to be dead. But someone’s been sending him checks his whole life. 

Bobby first meets Montana and Trevor. I was so sad to see Trevor there, Montana tried so hard to save him. But they seem happy enough. They sit Bobby down and tell him what happened on Halloween, 1989.

Trevor, in a fit of heroism, blocked off the road to Camp Redwood to keep anyone from entering the kill zone. Margaret, furious, tried to kill him outside of the grounds to make sure he’d never see Montana again. But at the last moment, Brooke shows up. She helps Trevor across the property line, realizing that there isn’t enough time to save him. When Montana asks her why she helped, Brooke’s answer is simple. 

She’s not like Montana.

This act of love changes Montana. She bands the ghosts together to stop the killings. And they do a great job of it. They start with killing Bruce and making sure he dies off the property so no one has to deal with him anymore. Then, they get Ramirez. But, they know he can’t just be killed. They’ve got to keep him around and keep right on killing him. This leads to a hilarious clip of the ghosts taking turns killing him in increasingly horrific ways. And let me tell you, the look of glee on Xavier’s face when he chainsaws Ramirez was hilarious.

Cody Fern in American Horror Story, 1984

Bobby then goes to the asylum where his father spent so much of his life. He meets the medical director. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s Donna. Again in flashbacks, Donna explains that she and Brooke snuck back into camp to help kill Margaret. They chopped her up and put her in a wood chipper, sending her chipped-up body over the property line. Unfortunately, it’s too late to save Brooke.

The thing is, though, that Donna isn’t the one sending Bobby money either. So, they follow the information on the checks Bobby’s been getting. And they find that Brooke survived.

She survived because of Ray. 

He found her bleeding out and helped her off the property. Then, he called an ambulance. Brooke’s been able to live a wonderful, happy life. She has a family with two little boys.

So it seems that there were two final girls after all. 

But Bobby isn’t done. He wants to see his father. And so he goes back to Camp Redwood, even after Donna and Brooke urge him to just get on with his life.

Of course, there are spirits there waiting for him. Some want to kill him. But there are at least two who want more than anything just to see him. 

And for Lavinia and Benji, it’s the best thing they’ve gotten to do in a very long time.

Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock and John Carroll Lynch in American Horror Story 1984.

This ending was a tearjerker, let me tell you. It seems like we’ve gotten back to the good American Horror Story endings. It’s what I want from a season if I’m being honest. I want the blood, I want the gore. But in the end, I want to be tearing up a little, Killer Queens. I want to feel like there was a happy, if bloody, ending.

So, let’s sum up the season. It started pretty cliche but moved on to good fast. It delivered on the ooey, gooey gore, so that was satisfying. The acting, as always, was superb. Even if my three favorites didn’t make it this season.

Is 1984 my favorite season of American Horror Story? Hell no, that’s Coven. But it brought the nostalgia. It brought the music. It brought the emotional climax. And it brought a bloody good time.

Too bad it was followed up by easily the worst season I’ve ever seen. I’ve already gone into detail about how terrible Double Feature was when it was coming out, so I don’t need to go into too much detail. 

So that’s it! Wow, this has been a journey, Killer Queens. From Murder House to 1984. And now, we’re all caught up and ready to experience what comes next together.

See you then. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)