There are many themes in American Horror Story. Many things we can expect, anticipate. One steadfast rule is that while bravery isn’t always rewarded, cowardice is always punished. The other is that there’s always, always a twist. 

We pick up in this episode right where we left off. Our counselors are pinned down by killers in separate cabins. Ray, Rita and Brooke are in one. Ray suggests running, figuring that Ramirez can only catch one of them.

Strike one, Ray. 

Fortunately, all three of them escape and head to the cars.

Montana, Trevor and Xavier however, find that they weren’t in as much danger as they thought. People from the nearby town had the joyous idea of dressing up like Mr. Jingles and scaring them. The joke quickly turns against them, when the true Mr. Jingles makes them his next victims.

Dreama Walker as Rita in American Horror Story

While this is happening, Brooke discovers something about Rita.

She’s not Rita.

She’s a psychologist who studies serial killers. She’s the one who helped Mr. Jingles escape, then took Rita’s place in the camp to watch the show go down.

And a hell of a show it’s going to be, I’m sure.

Chet and Ray ended up at the bottom of a spike pit. Chet’s spiked, but Ray can’t seem to get him free.

Eventually, Ray reveals that he accidentally killed a pledge at his frat house, and that’s why he quit school. Then, he leaves Chet in the spike pit alone to die.

Strike two, Ray.

Some of the counselors make it back together. Montana, Ray, Trevor, and Xavier. Ray’s all for getting the hell out of dodge, but Trevor and Xavier aren’t down for leaving everyone else behind.

Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Matthew Morrison in American Horror Story.

They head back and find Chet still in the spike pit. They manage to get him out. Even better, they spy on Mr. Jingles near the spike pit. Trevor body checks him into the pit, and there’s a moment of great celebration.

A short-lived moment. Just until they find the Mr. Jingles mask that our third prankster was wearing.

Ray and Montana made it back to the cars, and are about to make it out on Trevor’s bike. But before they can leave, Ramirez appears. Ray takes off, leaving Montana behind.

I don’t think she minded.

But poor Ray has just struck out. 

This was a fun, twisty episode. At this point, I think the killers outnumber the counselors. And the way things are going, I expect that imbalance is only going to get worse. 

See you next time. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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