This episode asks a question I think most of us would like the answer to, Killer Queens. How do you tell if someone is possessed, or just being a horrific asshole?

Sister Mary, or maybe we should say the demon infecting Sister Mary, is certainly encouraging everyone to ask this question. She seems to have only one goal. Driving Sister Jude and Doctor Arden as crazy as possible.

She starts early on, sneaking a newspaper into the mail that contains a story about the little girl Sister Jude murdered. Later, she leaves a bottle of wine on the older sister’s desk, after giving her a tube of bright red lipstick. This all seems to be enough to drive Sister Jude right back into the bottle. 

And does anyone else think Sister Jude might be nicer to people and better at her job if she was like half in the tank all the time?

Of course, a demon-possessed nun isn’t the only thing stalking the asylum. While a storm blows outside, monsters from the woods are approaching. One of them found their way inside, meeting a hammered Sister Jude face to face. Some of its fellows meet a few other characters, as they try and fail to escape the asylum.

I was a little disappointed in this storm, to be honest. I thought we’d see a little more to do with it. The power going out, part of the building being damaged. Utter chaos caused by the noise and the darkness.

But I guess there wasn’t space for any of that. I mean, we’re dealing with a lot this episode. There’s an alien bug that was pulled out of Kit and is trying desperately to get back inside him. The monsters are waiting in the woods to devour anything fed to them. There’s Sister Jude and Dr. Arden, torturing the patients in different but equally horrific ways. And of course, there’s a demon-infested nun, trying to sew chaos and succeeding.

Oh, and in the present moment, there are a couple of burned-out killers in the ruins of the hospital, shooting people. They have no idea that they’re about to become the hunted.

There’s just a lot going on, Killer Queens. I think the biggest question I have now is what’s going to kill Kit, Jena and Grace first. 

I think we already know what’s going to get poor Shelly.

If you haven’t seen this season and you have guesses about what’s going to get any of our main characters, go ahead and leave them in the comments.

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. We’ll see you again on Sunday for another visit to the Asylum. 

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