We’ve come to the end of American Horror Story Apocalypse, Killer Queens. And this season finale is easily the best one in the show’s history. Every satisfying thing that you want to happen, happens. Even a few wonderful moments I wasn’t expecting. 

Colin Fern in American Horror Story Apocalypse

There’s only one fly in the oil, and it’s one you might be able to guess. But we’ll get to that soon.

We start with Cordelia putting her plan into place. Myrtle goes to make sure that Coco and her assistant Mallory end up in Outpost 3. They’re under a spell to make them forget who they are. When the time comes, they’ll be ready. Well, Mallory will be ready. Coco, well, Coco is pretty much useless.

Eventually, we pick up where we left off way back in episode three. The witches are facing off against Michael, the son of Satan.

Before the battle can begin, though, the witches have reinforcements. Of all people, Marie Laveau has been released from Hell to battle with her sisters. But to get her freedom, Cordelia had to make a trade. Good thing there was a corrupt voodoo queen who deserved that place in Hell a lot more than Mamma.

Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau in American Horror Story Apocalypse.

One by one, the witches give their lives to get Mallory to a bathtub so she can back in time. For her to do that, she needs the power of the Supreme. 

Cordelia is ready. Facing Michael, she kills herself just to deny him the pleasure of doing so. 

Mallory can go back in time, to find Michael as a teenager.

After the massive witch battle, I was expecting something a little better than vehicular manslaughter. But that’s what we got. Mallory flat our ran over Michael with a car, then backed up over him and did it again. 

But we couldn’t expect that this would be the end of things.

We end this episode with Tim and Emily meeting by accident. They fall in love and start a family together. But their little boy, it seems, is troubled. Troubled enough to slaughter his babysitter. Fortunately, some strangers show up to help. Some very familiar ones.

I loved almost everything about this episode and this whole season. But do you remember in Return to Murder House, when Madison and Beyond saved everyone in the house? 

If there’s no reason to look into Michael, then they never went there. This means all of our happy endings never really happened. 

And that’s the end of the Apocalypse, everyone. It’s almost summertime, so I’m feeling a need for some fresh air. Some swimming, canoeing, hiking. Maybe a trip to camp. 

See you next time. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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