We have a very different Michael in this episode of American Horror Story Apocalypse than we did before, Killer Queens. He’s feeling himself more, he’s ready to reach for his full potential.

If he wasn’t the son of Satan, it would be inspiring.

Gabourey Sidibe in American Horror Story Apocalypse

We start with the witches making plans to take Michael down. They’re sure of themselves, especially Cordelia. Which is rare for her. She’s sure that Michael is going to come for them, she’s not stupid. But she’s also sure that they’re safe within the academy. And they should have been. 

Except for one selfish witch who only cares about fame. Dinah helps Michael and Robot Meade into the academy, using her magic to break the protections Cordelia put in place. And in return, she gets her very own talk show. Meade simply walked in and mowed everyone down with a damned assault rifle built into her arm.

Honestly, it feels like we’d have someone strapped with some spell bottles or something. Or what about Kyle, the Coven Watchdog? Where was he during all this?

Evan Peters in American Horror Story Apocalypse

Alright, asking Evan Peters to play four roles in one season might have been a bit much.

Only five witches survive. Myrtle, Cordelia, Madison, Mallory and Coco manage to make it out in time. But we lose so many. Zoe, Queenie, and all of the students. It’s a hard scene to watch, Killer Queens. So many of the houses and iconic buildings in American Horror Story want to kill you. But the Robichaux academy feels like hallowed ground. 

They should have been safe.

The surviving witches make it to Misty Day’s swamp hut to hide, after finding that all of the remaining warlocks have been destroyed as well. Including John Henry, and all of the students. A generation of witchcraft was lost in a day. It’s no wonder that Cordelia is losing her damned mind.

Myrtle, thankfully, is ready to step up as the Wise Woman she is. She suggests that Mallory might have the power to travel back in time. So few witches have this power, and it’s deadly to attempt. 

They manage, though, to send Mallory back to the night Czar Nicholas of Russia was assassinated, along with his family. Mallory tries to save Anastasia, who was a witch. But she’s pulled back to the present too fast. 

Bllie Lourd in American Horror Story Apocalypse

Even so, it’s proof of concept. Mallory went back in time and survived. The only problem is, that Mallory will be the next supreme. For her to rise, the current supreme has to die.


I am loving every second of this season, Killer Queens! And as the next episode is the last, I know we’re looking at a showdown between the Antichrist and the witches. I can’t wait.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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