If Schadenfreude is your thing, Killer Queens, then you’re going to love this episode. No longer a sister, Jude is a patient now. She’s been accused of killing Frank the guard. The court has decided that she’s going to live out her days in Briarcliff.

Given the AHS track record, that’s likely to be a short sentence.

Jude wasn’t a great boss. So the other sisters who are now in charge of caring for her are eager to get their revenge. That doesn’t seem like a great idea. Jude’s a wounded animal, not a dead one. 

Lana is also getting bad news. After being raped by Bloody Face, she’s pregnant. We are to assume the baby will grow up to be the man we saw in the prolog. The son of Bloody Face. Kind of not surprising, Lana attempts a coat hanger abortion.

But that’s not the only thing on Lana’s mind. She and Kit are keeping Thredson in a storage closet. The only reason he’s still alive is to save Kit from the electric chair. She manages to get a confession from Thredson, threatening to abort the baby if he doesn’t. 

Kit is awful popular in this episode. Arden also wants to spend time with him. Well, he wants to kill him.

But not how you might think. 

Arden has seen the aliens. You know, the ones that Kit’s been telling everyone about. Arden’s put together what we all did a few episodes ago. Two women have been taken by the aliens. Two women who have one thing in common. They both had sex with Kit.

Thinking that it’s something about Kit that the aliens like, Arden tries to kill him to see if the aliens will show up to save him. 

Finally, let’s talk about Montsenior. The priest with plans. He wants to be Pope one day, and Briarcliff is how he thinks that’s going to happen. He’s not going to let anything stand in his way. Not even his loyal friend, Sister Jude. 

Anyone that eager to climb the ladder is going to do things he may not be proud of. But not all of them will get the karmic punishment they deserve. 

Montsenior was just begging to be made a Martyr.

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