Killer Queens, we need to talk about the soundtrack this season. Because it’s nothing short of awesome. 

So is the opening scene of this episode. 

We start with a poor gator caught in a trap. And I swear, they found the cutest gator ever for this scene. Its little puppy face is so sweet. Then, poachers catch him, and kill him! But don’t worry, Misty is there. The lizard goes free, the men get what they deserve.

Meanwhile, Zoe is having a hard time. The death of Kyle is weighing heavy on her heart. So much so that when the police show up to question them, she spills the whole story. 

Fortunately, Fiona is ready. She takes care of the cops without too much of an issue. So it’s likely that we won’t have to worry about them very much.

Fiona has other worries, though. Namely the ancient Dauphine locked up in her room. She wants LaLaurie to tell her why she’s still alive. 

As it turns out, LaLaurie was enchanted by Marie Laveau to live forever. This is a power she has to give and has herself as well. Because she’s alive, running a hairdresser shop. Fiona goes to see her, to ask for immortality. But Laveau has no intention of helping so easily.

Meanwhile, Madison and Zoe are getting into trouble. They decide to go to the morgue and try Necromancy on poor Kyle. Only, they don’t just use Kyle’s body. See, all the boys on the bus were pretty messed up. So Madison decides they might as well pick and choose some new parts. Take the best arms, the best chest, the best, um, other things. 

Their spell works partway. Franken-Kyle is alive and moving but appears to be in horrible pain. But something in the spell didn’t just wake him up. It also called Misty Day to them.

Misty takes Zoe and Kyle back to her shed in the woods. She covers Kyle in healing mud while blaring Stevie Nicks. And I mean, what witch doesn’t love Stevie? 

Trouble is circling the school, and it’s almost all self-inflicted. Fiona’s stirring up trouble with Marie Laveau. Madison and Zoe are playing about with Necromancy, which never ends well. And Cordelia is performing dark magic to get herself pregnant.

Honestly, it kind of feels like they’re asking for anything that happens. 

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. See you soon for another visit with the Coven. 

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