We have a well-named episode this time, Killer Queens, as we’re treated to the origin stories for some of the darkest characters on the show.

Before we get to that, though, we’re starting this episode in the present. 

We hear a 911 call urging police to go to Briarcliff. “They’re waiting for you,” the caller says. 

Exactly who is waiting for them becomes obvious, when the false Bloody Face killers are found hanging from the ceiling.

In the past, though, a lot is going on.

Montsenior, who we haven’t seen too much of so far, is doing some moving and shaking this episode. He’s called to a hospital to offer last rites for a young woman who no other priest would come see. When he arrives, he recognizes the woman. I don’t understand how. I only could tell it was Shelly because he said her name. Her face is so distorted and mangled. 

We learn how Dr. Arden found his way to being in charge of Briarcliff. He tricked Montsenior into letting him continue torturing people in the name of progress. 

Meanwhile, a little girl was dropped off at Briarcliff by her mother. The girl murdered her little friend with a pair of scissors. So her mother brought her to Sister Jude in the hopes that she can help her.

Sister Jude, who isn’t great with kids, drops her on Sister Mary.

You know, the one who’s possessed by a demon. Like the kid wasn’t messed up enough. 

Sister Mary is plenty busy this episode. She steals Sister Jude’s red slip and goes to visit Mr. Goodman. She brings back all of the information Goodman had on Dr. Arden. All of the information proves he was a Nazi.

The creepiest part of this episode is, easily, what’s happening with Dr. Thredson and Lana. Because that whole thing is super creepy.

The doctor, we find out, was abandoned by his mother when he was little. Raised in the system, his childhood was devoid of love. He needs someone to care for him. To be his mother. To never, ever leave him.

Or else. 

Finally, we come back to the present. Because if you’ll remember, there were four people in Briarcliff when Bloody Face showed up. But there were only three dead bodies found. 

The fate of the fourth victim is yet to be seen. 

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. See you again soon.

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