Do you know what this season of AHS needed, Killer Queens? A dark historical reference, that’s what. At least that’s what the writers thought.

There’s a new patient at Briarcliff. A woman who thinks she’s Ann Frank. Or maybe she is Ann Frank? It’s not clear.

Whether she’s the real Ann Frank or not, she’s going to cause trouble. She recognizes Dr. Arden from Auschwitz.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Especially when we consider what Dr. Arden is doing to Shelly. It’s such a shame, she was so pretty. 

Meanwhile, Kit’s questioning himself. Dr. Thredson has a theory, and it sounds frighteningly accurate. He suggests to Kit that he did kill the women he’s accused of killing, out of fury at the world for denying his love for his wife. This would make perfect sense if it wasn’t for the bug that Dr. Arden pulled out of Kit’s neck. The one that’s now vanished. It might be in Kit, it might not. But it sure as hell gives credence to his whole ‘aliens killed my wife’ theory.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as innocent. In this episode, we finally find out what landed Grace in Briarcliff. And the story feels oddly familiar. I refuse to believe this isn’t the almost exact story of Lizzy Borden. Which was upsetting, but also very cool.

Finally, we’ve got to talk about what happened to Lana in this episode. Because my God was it upsetting.

As usual, the scariest things are the true ones. And much to my absolute dismay, aversion therapy for homosexuals used to be a 100% real-life horror. This episode does include an aversion therapy scene with Lana and Dr. Thredson in this episode. I don’t get upset by much. But this really upset me.

The upsetting thing about this season so far is this. For the most part, every single thing that’s happened is based on human being evil. Every single thing so far could happen, and historically actually has happened.

I mean, except for the monsters in the woods. I don’t know what that shit’s about. 

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. But I want to hear what you think. Do you think Dr. Arden really was a Nazi? Let us know in the comments. 

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