This is the second to last episode of American Horror Stories. And I have to say, it’s been a wild ride so far. 

Feral is about a couple who loses their child in the forest when he’s a small boy. Ten years later the father, Jay, is a broken man. People have accused him of killing his child. He’s devoted his life to doing anything he can to find the boy. So when a man named Birch shows up saying he knows where the child is, Jay jumps at the chance.

Even though it’s going to cost him a ton of money. Money he doesn’t have. Money that his ex-wife, Addie, does have.

Once they’re in the woods, they do find exactly what took their son. A pack of horrific pseudo humans who’ve turned cannibal in the deep woods.

I have to say, this episode kept me on my toes. There were several times that things happened that I was not expecting. Not that this is necessary for the best. Some of these twists didn’t make any sense. I mean, you can drop an anvil on someone and it’ll be surprising. But that doesn’t mean it made a damn bit of sense. And some of these twists were of the anvil variety.

That being said, this was still a fun episode. I loved the costumes of the feral creatures. They distinctively reminded me of the X-Files episode, Home. I was also highly amused that Cody Fern, playing a park ranger, looked so very much like Robert Irwin. 

Watching Feral, I was reminded of a series of Creepy Pasta Stories called SCP stories. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one reminded of them. This is cool because those are some really good stories. If you’re not familiar, SCP stands for Secure, Contain, Protect, and refers to anything dangerous, but cannot for whatever reason be destroyed. So instead the government seeks to secure it, contain it, and protect the population from it. They’re fun stories because they seem like they really could be true.

Maybe they are.

Finally, I want to talk about these main characters, Jay and Addie. They, unlike most of the other people in this season, didn’t deserve what happened to them. This wasn’t an act of karma. It was just being at the wrong place ten years ago, then trying to do the right thing later.

It’s scarier that way. Most of us think we’re pretty good people. Most of us are even right. We like to think that because we’re good, bad things won’t happen to us. We won’t be stalked by Danny Clause for being assholes online. We won’t burn alive in our trailer for intentionally driving people crazy. We won’t be slaughtered by a demon because we made our spouses think they were possessed.

But the bad death doesn’t discriminate. And sometimes good people die screaming. Which is even more unsettling in a story like this, when the monsters seem oh so believable.

There’s just one more episode of American Horror Stories. From what I understand, we’re going back to Murder House one last time. See you there. 

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