With the last episode of Dexter ending on such a chaotic note, I honestly expected this one to be a bit more frantic. I mean, if I had a cloud of locusts set on me by a psycho, I’d be pretty freaked out. But the detectives seem to be taking it all in stride.

Well, as much as they ever take anything in stride. This is to say that none of the detectives seem to have a grasp on their personal lives.

Deb in particular. Her troubles start when Quinn, rightfully, asks for his engagement ring back. She realizes that she doesn’t have an idea of where it is.

This is just the tip of Deb’s messed-up ice burg right now. She can’t work in her office, so she’s taking crime scene photos home where Harrison can stumble on them.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s being dumb as hell. He and Angel are investigating Gellar’s old TA. She’s a pretty young woman, so of course, Quinn wants to sleep with her. And, he gets to.

Angel shows up at her apartment the next day to pick him up. While he’s waiting, he finds a box labeled Gellar that the TA just neglected to tell them about. Inside is a sketchbook, with drawings that look exactly like the Doomsday murders. 

Wonder why she didn’t tell the detectives she had that.

Dexter is doing okay. He even has Brother Sam over to hang out.

I was struck by how many people have stood on that balcony with Dexter, drinking beers and looking out over Miami. Some good people, like Deb and Lumen. Some awful, like Miguel. But all of them seem at peace there. Brother Sam certainly does. He even gets Dexter to talk about his mother in a way he hasn’t before. He remembers good, instead of just the moment of her death. 

He remembers the light. Brother Sam tells him that she shared light with him. And now, Dexter shares light with Harrison. This surprised him. I don’t think he believed he had light to give.

The good news is that, as messed up as their personal lives are, the entire Miami PD is good at being detectives. Dexter found a smudge of glue on a pair of angel wings that led him to Travis, and the numbers found on the bodies. With a little pressure, Travis confirmed that it’s Professor Gellar who’s killing in the name of God. 

Of course, we’ve got a lot of season left to go. Finding Gellar isn’t going to be as easy as Dexter thinks. Especially because events at the end of this episode are sure to distract him.

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