The scary thing about a cult is that, at least at first, it seems to give you what you need. Something you find valuable. No one gets into Scientology to have the shit beaten out of them on a boat. No one followed Jim Jones because he told them they could kill themselves. No, it’s because you need help. Your life is not going well, and you need someone who cares about you.

And in this episode of American Horror Story, we’re reminded that Kai is very good at making people feel like he cares about them. Because in his twisted little mind, he does.

Evan Peters as Kai in American Horror Story Cult

The girls have been relegated to the kitchens, and they’re not thrilled with it. Beverly’s ready to overthrow him, but Winter talks her out of it. She’s sure she can talk sense into Kai. 

Winter tells them about a Hell House they stumble upon a few years before. People were being tortured for their presumed ‘sins’. 

But when Winter tries to talk to him, he takes a turn for the weird. He suggests that they need to start a family together. Winter tries to point out that they’re siblings and that’s crazy. Ah, but he has a plan. He wants Detective Samuels to go between them.

I am not giving any more detail than that.

Kai has finally crawled the entire way up his own ass. He even has a special holy song picked out for the conception, I Swear by All-4-One.

This is about when Winter is done with his bullshit. 

Let’s now turn our attention to Ally. She’s been in a psych ward for the last five weeks. And she’s ready to have some words with her therapist, Rudy. Rudy wants to talk with her, too. He’s finally realized that there’s something seriously wrong going on with Kai. Worse, it involves Ally. 

Adina Porter as Beverly Hope in American Horror Story Cult

You’re not paranoid when everyone really is out to get you.

Ally invites Kai over to talk with him. She’s feeling better, more confident. For the first time, she’s not afraid. And she wants one thing, her son. 

She’s also, in a strange way, thankful to Kai for helping her face her fears. She feels like he’s done something for her. Which makes sense. When you’ve lost everything, what’s there left to fear? There’s only one thing Ally wants in this world, and Kai’s in the position to give it to her. 

So as we close this episode of American Horror Story, there seems to be no one outside of Kai’s circle. He’s killed or imprisoned his enemies. He’s threatened the rest of the council to gain total power. He’s got an army of INCELs at his beck and call. 

So, who’s going to take him down? 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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