Dexter is a lot of things to a lot of people. He’s a friend, a brother, a father. A coworker, employer. 


He’s also a son. And through the whole series, most of his actions have been due to his relationship with his father, Harry. Never once did we have any reason to think that maybe Harry wasn’t the only one in on it.

Now, we’re meeting Dr. Vogel. She knows all about Dexter and Harry. Because it was her who was pulling Harry’s strings all through Dexter’s childhood. It was her idea to train Dexter to be a killer. To give him his code, then trust him to only kill people it applied to.

She calls herself Dexter’s spiritual mother. And that makes all the sense. It’s also great timing because Dexter never needed help more in his life.

He’s struggling with the Deb situation. She’s gone off the deep end, and he feels responsible. She certainly thinks he is. 

He’s not. He never asked her to get involved, much less shoot Maria. That was her choice. And now she’s doing drugs, losing a ton of weight, and killing people.

She managed to track down the jewels from Biggs. Unfortunately, the assassin that was out of Biggs found her. 

Unfortunate for him, not her. She had no problem shooting him point-blank. The problem came when she should have checked his car for her gun, but she didn’t.

Now Dexter is cleaning up after her. 

And he has enough to be worrying about. Dr. Vogel has enlisted his help to find out who’s threatening her. If you’ll recall, the last episode included a dead man whose head was cut in half and part of his brain scooped out. That scooped-out bit found its way into a jar, which was then placed on Dr. Vogel’s front porch.

It seems that Dexter wasn’t the only psycho she helped shape. But she was trying to heal the others, not train them.

At least, that’s what she says. 

There’s something off with Vogel. I don’t trust everything she says. I’m sure she’s not lying about everything. But she is sure as hell lying about something. 

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