This episode of American Horror Story Freak Show starts with Dandy, being Dandy. He kills an Avon lady, then sews her head onto his mother’s body. 

Afterward, he visits the Freak Show to threaten Jimmy.

Jimmy is at a low point. So low in fact that he might be close to rock bottom. He’s drinking, having an affair with Barbara, and being an overall asshole. As the only responsible adult in the whole Freak Show, this is concerning.

One character we don’t see a lot in this episode is Elsa. She’s getting cold feet about killing the twins. She cares about them, in her twisted way. I think the loss of Ethel and Ma Petite scarred her. Unfortunately, Stanley has no such fears. He is still perfectly happy to kill Bette and Dot. He’s even hiring a prostitute to play a doctor, really selling the whole thing.

The timing sucks because Bette and Dot have a healthy breakthrough. Dot realizes, finally, that her life is better with Bette than without. That she’d rather not sacrifice her sister to have a normal life. She also realizes that she wants to be with Jimmy.

Too bad Jimmy’s going through his whole thing. Especially because he makes a fool of himself at the Tupperware party.

But the ladies have something else to worry about. Namely, Dandy. He knocks on the door, telling them that his car is broken down. They let him in without question. Why wouldn’t they, he seems like such a nice young man. And that bad judgment leads all these women to end up floating in the pool.

Was this an intentional hit on Dandy’s part? An easy way to implicate Jimmy? Or did Dandy just see an easy target? 

One way or another, his old friend Regina is ready to take him down. She goes to the police and spills everything she knows about Dandy. And Dandy doesn’t lie when the cops come to call. He’s more than willing to talk all about it. Because there’s not a lot money can’t get you. If you have enough of it. 

American Horror Story, Freak Show is coming to a close. I look forward to Dandy getting what’s coming to him.

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