Welcome back to Haunted MTL as we cover Chucky – S1 E6 – “Cape Queer,” the latest episode of the ongoing series featuring America’s favorite killer doll.

This series of reviews will be spoiler-free for the events of each episode but will bring up plot points from previous episodes as needed to contextualize the current week’s events. For a spoiler-centric view, please turn to the podcast Kids’ Stuff for a detailed discussion.

Chucky – S1 E6 – “Cape Queer”

One Chucky takes steps forward and raises his body count while another loses access to his inhabited body. Meanwhile, Jake and Devon get in touch with some iconic survivors of Chucky’s previous murder attempts. Lastly, moms take the center spotlight in this episode and Junior has his worst week ever.

How Was It?

This week’s episode of Chucky, “Cape Queer,” might be the best of the season so far. After an episode that served as a breather and place setter, we see that this sixth episode raises the stakes for the season significantly and introduces some real game-changing moments for the show. This episode also marks the return of series favorite Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and Kyle (Christine Elise). But, before we dive into the rest of the review, credit where it is due. Samir Rehem directs an excellent episode full of shocks, clever cinematic parallels, and juggles multiple character arcs. A lot of that credit goes to the writers of this episode, Nick Zeigler and Sarah Acosta, who have the task of arranging the first third of the final arc of the season.

Chucky - S1 E6 - "Cape Queer" screencap, Chucky feigning shock
Just Chucky being a little shit. You love to see it.

And boy, what an arc this will be. The series opens with a major update on what exactly is going on with Andy and reintroduces Kyle. Much like last week’s episode that reintroduced Tiffany Valentine/Jennifer Tilly (it’s complicated) and Nica Pierce, inhabited by Chucky’s soul, we play catch up with some clips from the films and a quick answer to what happened to Andy after Cult of Chucky. As far as Andy and Kyle go, their introduction is hilarious and terrifying, befitting two traumatized people on a very specific mission. It makes one wonder how far they might go in order to destroy Chucky for good.

Meanwhile, Tiffany reveals she knows more about Nica!Chucky’s current situation than she initially lets on, and we learn what their purpose in Hackensack is. So those pieces are in place and the relationship is much more complicated due to what is becoming an increasingly icky development when issues of consent are invoked. As for our Hackensack locals, Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) take their relationship forward in a satisfying way while Junior (Teo Briones) and Lexy’s (Alyvia Ayn Lind) relationship becomes strained. And that is before one of the most shocking deaths in the series yet. We even have a strange development regarding Miss Fairchild, the teacher who seems cool… but may harbor a secret.

The episode puts everyone through the wringer and has characters reassess their relationships. Relationships grow and dissolve across the episode, all while the current Chucky ramps up his murder-spree in a brazen way. We are really in the final act of an 8-hour movie now. Maybe the best episode of the season given the amount of character development across the different subplots. There is so much that we could talk about but that would be going into spoiler territory. For now, just know that if you are a fan of the show, this episode is five out of five Cthulhus.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Chucky – S1 E6 – Kill Count and Spotlight

Four kills in this one, one in the past with another young Charles Lee Ray sequence (again, played by Fiona Dourif). The other three are contemporary. One is a totally cathartic moment fans will love. The other two, particularly the earlier of the pair, are shocking, sad, and deliciously cruel. One evokes the original Child’s Play and is definitely the highlight of the episode.

Seeds of Chucky

Some elements of this week’s episode are callbacks to previous installments of the series. They may hint at the return of key figures from the past. Some other references to other horror classics may sneak in as well. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Apparently the original title for this episode was going to be “Mother’s Day” which might have been too on the nose.
  • Speaking of the title, “Cape Queer” is a fun pun that also pays tribute to the homage toward Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear (1991) that is directly invoked in the plot.
  • We get a major callback to Child’s Play with one of the deaths.
  • This week’s title card is shattered glass with reflections of Chucky. Make of that what you will.
  • We get the origins of Tiffany’s red car. Yes, that is worth noting. It has been with us since Bride of Chucky.
  • We learn how Andy got out of his predicament in Cult of Chucky and, well… Andy definitely has some issues.
  • Andy’s walk seem a little off? Well, he did get stabbed in Cult. A nice carryover from the film and sets up that we are not that far removed from the 7th film, timeline-wise.
  • The poker scene is a reference to Jennifer Tilly’s insane poker skills.
  • The realtor we meet is the same woman who got the razor-apple in episode two.

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