Episode two of Dexter, New Blood was every bit as good as the first one. A storm of fuck it was. We’re starting to get a flavor now of what we can expect from this series. And it’s awesome.

We start with Dexter and Harrison sitting at the table, playing verbal chicken. Neither of them wants to be the one to break the silence. Eventually they do start talking. There are some lovely moments, like when Dexter offers to make him blueberry pancakes. There are also some hard moments. Like when we find out that Hannah died of cancer several years ago.

As though this wasn’t awkward enough, Dex’s girlfriend shows up. And she shows up with the whole police force. Without even calling first, which is kind of rude. You really should call someone before you stop in. Give them a chance to clean up the blood in the snow. 

It turns out they’re there to conduct a manhunt for Matt. You know, they guy Dexter killed last episode. Dexter and Harrison join the search. Harrison has no idea they’re actually covering up his dad’s tracks, to make sure the poor kid doesn’t lose him again.

Meanwhile, the ghost of Deb is going a great job torturing Dexter. Like all the Christmas ghosts in one, she tortures him over his past, rubs his nose in his present, and gives dire warnings of his future. This includes some great scenes. Deb breaks windows with the bullet that killed her, then feeds the same bullet to Dex. All the while cussing him out. 

That’s pure Deb.

Oh, and in a story that appears totally unrelated to everything we’ve discussed so far, there’s a young woman in a hotel room. She’s delighted to find champagne and chocolate covered strawberries left for her after her shower. She’s less delighted when she falls ill. 

She blames the champagne. I think something was poisoned. 

Being ill, it takes the young woman a little while to realize two concerning things. The first is that she’s locked in the hotel room and can’t leave. The second is that she’s being watched through a series of cameras. Under one of those cameras, someone has written her a message. 

You’re already dead.

So, can’t wait to find out what that’s all about. I’d love to hear your guesses below. 

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