On the third day of murder house, we’ll be slaughtered by

One crying socialite 

One maid of fury

Two nursing students

A pair of tragic blond twins

And a freak in a leather mask

Hey Killer Queens. Glad to see you survived your Monday. But it’s Tuesday now and time to settle in with some good wine and another trip to the Murder House.

I brought Merlot. 

This episode starts by revealing something we already know. Moira is a ghost of the house. She was murdered by Constance back in 1983, along with Constance’s husband.

He’s no great loss. Constance can’t tell the difference between a woman screaming yes and one screaming no any more than her shitty spouse. She should work on that.

Back in the present, Vivian is meeting with the realtor who sold the house to them. And Viv is freaking goals in this scene. She is abundantly clear that they need to sell the house now, and not at a loss. And she’s equally clear that the realtor lied to her to sell her the house in the first place. 

Of course, that was before she found out the house is literally on a murder tour. I think if she’d have known that while the realtor was in the house, that lady might have been on our ghost list. 

Ben, of course, is going to Ben. They don’t have the money to get somewhere else to live until they sell the house. Vivian suggests getting a job, but he doesn’t want her to because of the stress. 

And stress is a pretty big concern right now. Vivian’s stressing for two, after all.

We’re treated to two flashbacks in this episode, finally getting to see the original owners of the house. That’s always where a house gets cursed, right? The first people to live there.

In this case, it’s a doctor whose practice is failing and a socialite who doesn’t feel that a house with two servants is up to her standards.

They’re not a happy family. And the wife decides she’s going to make sure her family lives to her standards one way or another. The ‘another’ is by forcing her drug addict husband to perform illegal abortions. 

Just another argument for legal, safe abortions.

Abortion is coming up a lot this season, I think. As is money. This is just one more reason why American Horror Story is a classic horror show. Real horror is always about something real. There are ghosts, yeah. There’s blood and horror and this episode ends with a dead woman’s body covered by a gazebo. And all that shit’s great for a jump scare. But that’s not what keeps us up at night.

It’s the bills we can’t pay. It’s the life-changing decision that should be personal but instead’s been politicized. It’s being trapped in a house we don’t feel safe in because we can’t afford to move. It’s the fear that our shitty teenager might actually run away and we can’t imagine living without them. It’s the real shit that scares us. And that’s what good horror, like American Horror Story does well. It blends the bills and the blood and ramps up the fear for both.

That’s it for this time, Killer Queens. See you on Sunday for episode four, Halloween part one. 

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