Spoiler Warning!

The end of season two of Dexter left me with a lot of emotions. In many ways, it was good. Some people got what they deserved. But some other people didn’t. Some characters got a bad end. An end that makes me furious. But maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll get to that later.

This episode picked up right where the last one left off. Lila’s found Doakes in the cabin. She’s finally seen who Dexter really is. What he’s capable of. 

And she likes it. Turns out, she’s been right from the start. They are so alike. She proves that when she sets the cabin on fire, killing James Doakes.

This is the tipping point for Dexter. He realizes he’s got to kill Lila. So he tells her he wants to go away with her. She is, of course, elated. 

Meanwhile, Deb is having a crisis. Agent Lundy is leaving, called away to another case. She loves him, at least she thinks she does. I think it’s just because he’s the first person she’s ever had all to herself. I’m sorry that she loses him. Because yes, she does lose him.

Before that, though, she does something stupid. She goes to Lila’s place to make sure she’s leaving. Her bad timing means she’s there when Dexter plans to kill Lila. Which he’s then unable to do. And so Lila gets away with his bag.

You know, his killin’ bag. 

Realizing that Dexter never planned on running away with her, Lila decides to do the thing that will hurt Dexter the most. 

She tries to kill Astor and Cody. Like we needed to hate her more. 

But back to Doakes. Here’s the thing about how Doakes died. He had to die. There was just no way around it if the show was going to continue. But he didn’t deserve it. It was a bad death and he was a good man. Worse, his family doesn’t deserve to have that guilt hanging around their necks. But they have it. And with how elusive he was with his family, the real twist of the knife is that they might even believe he was the Bay Harbor Butcher themselves. No one is still in his corner but Maria and Dexter.

I hope his name is cleared one day. If it’s not, I hope that’s a guilt that Dexter carries with him. One that fundamentally changes who he is. I hope that in one of the seasons to come, he gets justice. More justice than Lila’s pale ass in a body bag.

Though that was a pretty damned good start. 

All that being said, what worries me is that Dexter’s leaving this season with a mile wide chip on his shoulder. With luck, something is going to knock him back into place. Maybe it will be guilt over Doakes. Maybe it’ll be something else. I suppose we’ll have to watch season three to find out.

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