In a show that’s all about death and dying, it takes something for death to touch a viewer. And yet, one of Dexter’s strengths is that it keeps bringing that sort of death to the forefront. I was upset when Doakes died. And I was upset in this episode as well. We’ll get to that.

Dexter and Rita are planning their wedding. Rita’s in a bit of a hurry because she wants to have the wedding before she starts to show. So, of course, when Dexter asks what he can do to help, she pulls the to-do list in half and hands part of it to him, right?

You poor, sweet child. Of course, that isn’t what happened.

Instead, Rita gave him one task. Make his guest list. Of course, this is probably the hardest thing for Dexter to do. The man could have taken care of flowers and caterers without breaking a sweat. But figuring out who in his life he’s supposed to invite to a wedding? No, that’s too much.

Miguel’s having a deeper issue. His little brother, Ramone, is in really hot water after torturing some guy for information about Freebo. The police are insisting that he retire early, or they’re going to press charges. Wow, must be nice. But Miguel’s in a mood, and he wants to vent it on someone. The someone he wants is defense attorney Ellen Wolf. 

You know, the woman Maria’s making friends with. More importantly, she’s defending a man who killed two innocent women. She’s doing her job, in other words. I can’t imagine it’s her favorite part of the job, but it is part of it. That is part of our legal system, after all. Everyone has the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And everyone has the right to have someone who understands the law defend them. To have someone who gets how this quagmire of red tape and logistics works. 

Dexter gets this. Miguel doesn’t. So Dexter refuses to take steps to kill Ellen. Good for him. Miguel takes offense at this. He starts yelling at Syl, and Dexter. He’s becoming a little unhinged.

Dexter is having a bad time with things. The first person to really get him is being an asshole. His pregnant fiance is stressing over the wedding. Oh, and Camilla, one of his oldest friends, is dying painfully of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is nasty. It’s a hell of a way to go. It’s painful and debilitating. And Camilla only wants one thing, before she goes. She wants Dexter to find her the perfect piece of key lime pie. 

This storyline was sad. And it left me with one question. Is Miguel really the first person to understand who Dexter is? Is he the first person to understand his dark passenger and accept it? Or is it possible that the woman who repeatedly facilitated Dexter in his investigations, feeding him cold cases, might know exactly what Dexter is? Maybe she was acting as a middle-aged Oracle, doing her part to put people who needed to go away in Dexter’s crosshairs? She was close with Harry. She’s known Dexter since he was a kid. And when she’s facing down months of pain and humiliation, she asks Dexter for just one thing.

The perfect piece of key lime pie. 

No one can tell me she didn’t know exactly what she was asking for. And exactly who she was asking it of. 

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