A couple of lessons can be learned from this episode of Dexter. A couple who communicates is hard to beat. Just because a man’s lying about where he is, doesn’t mean he’s cheating. And thinking you’re too smart is bad for your health.

Miguel has crossed the line, killing Ellen Wolf. She was an innocent woman. Not someone Dexter cared about, but someone that people cared for. People like Maria, who has now lost two friends to people Dexter adjacent. 

Dexter knows this happens almost at once. What was working against him, the interconnection of his family and Miguel’s, is now working for him. Syl shows up crying, thinking that Miguel is having an affair. 

He should have gone right home after killing that enforcer with Dexter. But he didn’t. 

From this one lie, Dexter starts to piece together others. One after another, the pieces fit into place until he realizes the whole picture. 

Miguel is lying to him. He’s been lying to him from the very start. 

This season has had two kind of connected but also separate storylines. While Dexter tries to keep control of Miguel, Deb is trying to track down the Skinner. And if this had been personal before, when her teenage informant was murdered, it’s triple so now that Anton has been taken.

I’d like to take this moment to point out that Deb isn’t a good cop. She’s hotheaded, hard to work with, and way too prone to roughing people up. I don’t have a follow-up to that. Deb Morgan is a bad cop, a bad partner, a bad sister and a bad girlfriend. I have no idea how she attracts these guys every season. She’s kind of like throwing vinegar on baking soda. She’s going to blow up a basic situation. (#sciencejoke)

All that being said, Deb does one thing right. When she gets something between her teeth, she doesn’t let go. And sometimes that’s exactly what a case needs. 

I was sad that Ellen Wolf died. She was a good person and added some much-needed levity to Maria’s life. But her death was necessary to the story. It shows that Miguel isn’t playing by the same rules as Dexter. So when he’s alone with Rita, my heart starts beating faster. I hope Dexter shows him that pride leads to ruin, sooner rather than later.

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