The themes for American Horror Story may change every year, but some things stay the same. Taissa Farmiga is an absolute delight, there’s no way to guess what’s going to happen next, and the second to last episode is always the most explosive.

Taissa Farmiga in American Horror Story Roanoke.

We start this episode of Roanoke with the introduction of some new characters. Three vloggers named Sophie, Todd and Milo are heading for the Roanoke house to record during the blood moon. Before they even get to the house though, they’re seeing ghosts. Specifically, they see Sidney’s production assistant up and walking around. Then, they see her very much not up and walking around.

Back at the farmhouse, Audrey and Lee are trying to explain the situation to the newly arrived Dylan. He’s so sure they’re messing with him, that they have to take him to Shelby’s body before he catches on that they all need to get the hell out of there. 

Lee convinces them they have to go back to the Polk’s to save Monet. Of course, what she really wants is to get her taped confession. 

The Polks, of course, are ready for them. In the rush to escape, Lee is separated from the group and Dylan is killed. 

Meanwhile, our intrepid vloggers are trying to explain what happened to the police. There should be no surprise at all that the cops don’t believe a word they say. On the one hand, I get that there have probably been a ton of horror freaks crawling around the woods and making trouble. On the other hand, these asshole cops have been a part of this community for who knows how many years and they should damn well know what happens during the Blood Moon.

Meanwhile, Lee is wandering in the woods alone. She’s exhausted, near death. And that is when the Witch of The Woods finds her. 

A few moments later, she finds the vloggers. 

Part of me wanted to say that the addition of four new characters on the second to the last episode felt lazy. It felt like throwing additional bodies in just to kill them off. It felt, honestly, like they were killing time as well as killing characters.

American Horror Story Roanoke

At the same time, it worked. It made sense in this story they were telling that fans of the show would come out and do something stupid. It was a part of the universe they hadn’t explored yet. And it was actually a fun addition.

Of course, the episode ends with just one survivor of the Roanoke house. And, just one more episode to go in the season. It does leave me asking, what do they plan to do for a finale when almost all the blood’s already been spilled? 

Guess we’ll have to see next time, Killer Queens. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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