Well, we’ve come to the end of American Horror Stories. I know this show got a lot of flack. I even agree that several episodes didn’t live up to their potential. But the ones that shone, shone brightly.

I’ll be honest, this final episode wasn’t anything to scream about. If you’re not an American Horror Story fan, it’s going to fall flatter than a shaken soda.

But if you are an AHS fan, like I am, this was great. If you’ve watched every episode from the start. If you argue over which season is the best. If you squee when you see Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters. This episode wasn’t for everyone else, damn it. It was just for us. 

We start with a young couple heading to the Murder House to spend the night. And they are huge AHS Fans. Listening to them talk about the show, it kind of felt like they followed me on Twitter. 

Roanoke is an underrated season. 

There were all sorts of wonderful meta moments here. Until we find out that this isn’t happening. It’s all in a video game.

And the episode just gets more confusing from there.

There were some serious issues with this episode. For one thing, I feel like if setting the Murder House on fire would let the ghost go free, someone would have tried that by now. 

My biggest issue is this. We spent the first two episodes of American Horror Stories getting to know Scarlett. And she’s… fine. Her storyline is… fine. 

It’s not better than the original Murder House story. And I feel like if this last episode had taken out everything about the Rubber Woman storyline and replaced it with following up with the original Murder House family, it would have been so much better. 

That being said, this was pretty good. I just think it could have been more.

I wish we’d had more stories like Drive-In, less rehashing things we’ve already seen. Yes, all the meta jokes were a lot of fun. Yes, it was nice to finally have a conclusion for Murder House. But it could have been more.

That’s the feeling I leave this first season with. It could have been more. This felt like what was left on the cutting room floor.

I understand there’s going to be a second season. Let’s hope the writers reach a little farther this time. 

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