We open this episode with Sookie explaining who she is to the very confused Eric. Eric is overwhelmed by the smell of Sookie and begins chasing after her. Sookie stops him from drinking from her when he catches up and Eric tells her what he remembers from being at the coven, which isn’t much. He remembers Marnie’s eyes and how she was embodied by a spirit.

Sookie says that she’ll help Eric on the condition that he doesn’t bite her. He agrees. Sookie takes Eric back to her home and he doesn’t remember being the owner of the home. Sookie “invites” him in and calls Pam. Pam shows up to the house immediately and tells Sookie she must hide him there to keep him safe. Pam suspects Bill set Eric up.

Sookie takes Eric down to the cubby hole he built in the home to sleep.

How to Handle Business

Back at the coven, Lafayette tries to convey to the witches how powerful Eric is. Marnie is having none of it, and insists that they be angry that they were attacked for practicing their religion.

Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus try to come up with a solution to handle Eric. Lafayette believes they should seek out Eric and ask him for forgiveness. Tara and Jesus are not keen on this idea and intend to stop Lafayette from doing it.

While they aren’t paying attention, Lafayette slips out at work and heads to Fangtasia. Tara and Jesus notice and follow after him. Pam captures Lafayette and is beating him up when Tara and Jesus come to his rescue. They exchange Lafayette for bringing Marnie to Eric to reverse the spell.


A group of humans trick a vampire into being captured on film feeding on a human. The vampire is brought to Bill for sentencing, and Bill asserts that the only punishment for such a crime is the true death.

Jessica arrives to Bill’s not long after this and talks with him about how she fed on a human at Fangtasia that wasn’t Hoyt. Bill says that if Jessica truly loves him, she will tell him the truth.

Jessica returns home and does just this. Hoyt is angry when she says she just needed something different. Jessica cannot handle how upset all of this makes Hoyt, so she glamours him to forget. Ick.


Jason continues to writhe in pain tied up to a dirty bed in Hotshot. Crystal and Felton are convinced that this means that he is turning, but to me it looks like he’s just dying without medical attention. Jason seems to think the same thing. Just when we think this can’t get any worse, the women of Hotshot line up and rape Jason after Crystal forces him to take a Viagra.


Andy continues to battle his V addiction. He gets in a scuffle with Sam, as he’s obviously high. This is just going to devolve.


Sookie goes to Alcide’s house to ask him if there is a place other than her home that Eric can stay. She explains the situation and Alcide agrees to let Eric stay in his home instead. Then, around the corner walks Debbie. Alcide explains that she has recovered from her V addiction and that she wants to make peace with Sookie. Sookie leaves and says she doesn’t want Eric staying in a home with a recovering V addict. Alcide says he could house Eric in one of the unbought houses in the division he’s building instead of at his home with Debbie.

The Offer

Tommy is at home with Maxine when a man knocks on the door and offers them a deal for the natural gas on their property. He takes the papers and tells the man he will think it over and he doesn’t tell Maxine about it. Tommy goes to Sam and tells him about the offer. Sam scolds him for trying to buy the house out from under her to make money on the natural gas. Sam says that if Tommy doesn’t tell Maxine about it, he will.

The Ending Revelations

We see Marnie trying to reconnect with the spirit that was in her body when she attacked Eric. It works.

Sookie finds Eric has disappeared from the hidey hole. Claudine shows up at Sookie’s house to take her back to fairyland. Sookie refuses and Eric flashes by and attacks Claudine, feeding on her and killing her. Sookie exclaims, “You killed my fairy godmother!”

This episode was a great one with lots of new development.

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