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If there has been one constant in this series so far, it’s that Deb has the worst luck you can imagine. From being ignored by her father to dating a serial killer, to getting promoted just to spite her best work friend, she never gets a break.

The one thing she’s had to depend on throughout her life is Dexter. As far as she knows, he’s always been right there to help her. And if a few times he lied to her so a killer could end up on his table instead of in jail, well what she didn’t know couldn’t hurt.

Now, though, the pressures of her new job are getting to her. And her solve numbers are way down. It sure would help a lot to nab DDK. And it sure would help to have Dexter around.

But Dexter’s heading to Nebraska to visit Jonah, the Trinity Killer’s son. His mother and sister were just brutally killed. And everyone thinks it was Trinity.

Everyone but Dexter, who killed Trinity. All signs are pointing to Jonah being his father’s son.


Dexter might have let this go, except that killing Nick seems to have done something to his dark passenger. Instead of taking the form of Harry, it’s changed to his brother, Brian. 

You know, the Ice Truck Killer who almost killed Deb. 

So the two of them go on a road trip to kill Jonah. But they get distracted by the manager of their motel, an industrious guy named Norm. He doesn’t seem too fond of Dexter right from the start. Noticing that he has soft hands and mocking him for not being able to patch a tire. 

Norm helpfully offers to patch the tire for $20. But when Norm returns Dex’s car, there are some things missing. His knives and his forensics kit.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jonah isn’t a candidate for Dexter’s table. Much to Brian’s dismay. 

Dexter is struggling still, with the darkness and light within him. With Brian, he lets his darkness lose. But when he starts balking at his dark passenger brother, he realizes that there has to be some light in him.


Maybe he can make it brighter. 

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American Horror Recap: Hotel, She Wants Revenge



She Wants Revenge

There is nothing more dangerous than someone who holds onto anger. It’s not healthy for the person holding it, of course. But that’s not a lot of comfort for the people their anger burns.

The Countess is angry. And she’s ready to start taking her revenge. Revenge for what is a little hazy. As far as I can see, it’s been her screwing over everyone else

The Countess in American Horror Story Hotel She Wants Revenge.

We start with her going around to several people, giving them promises. She tells Will she wants to marry him. Then she turns right around and tells Donovan she wants to be with him, and only him forever. At the same time, she’s sneaking off to visit Valentino. She’s weaving a web, and it appears that everyone’s going to get stuck in it.

Meanwhile, Ramona’s not done. Donovan visits her, telling her that he’s drugged the Countess and now is the perfect time to strike. She then tells him exactly why she’s so intent upon making the Countess suffer, even after all this time.

We see a heartbreaking flashback of her returning home to her family. When her mother dies, her father’s Altzimers take control of him.


After he’s attacked by some home invaders, she tries to turn him. But this only heals his body. She can’t heal his mind.

While this is going on, Alex is looking into the herd of vampire children. She tries to get them to come to the hotel, so she can take care of them. Strange how Alex wants to take care of every child but her daughter.

Ramona in American Horror Story Hotel She Wants Revenge.

The vampire kids don’t care to come with her. Some of them, unwilling to drink human blood, are sick. Some are just having too much fun to care. As they’re killing indiscriminately and leaving bodies everywhere, I can’t imagine they’re going to last without help much longer. 

A lot was going on in this episode, it can be hard to keep track. So you could be forgiven for noticing something.

The episode is called, ‘she wants revenge’. But there are three characters there that might refer to. And the next episode is, ‘she gets revenge’. I don’t think she is the Countess. 

What do you think? 

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Thank you for reading American Horror Story Hotel, She wants revenge. If you want to binge the season with me, you can do so on Hulu.

You can buy season five now on Amazon.

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Dexter S7 E1, Are you…?



Season seven of Dexter starts in medias res. Dexter is rushing to the airport. He tries to stop and get gas, but his card is declined. He seems frantic, scared. He’s pulling wads of money and fake passports out of a go-bag.

It seems very much like he’s running. 

But after a few moments, we cut back to the church. From there, the story is picked up right where the sixth season left off. Deb is seeing Dexter for who he is, maybe for the first time in their lives.

Here we’re treated to a scene that feels genuine. Deb is trying to wrap her mind around what she’s seeing. Her brother, the only person she has in her life, has killed a man.

Granted, it’s a man who brutally, spectacularly murdered people. But still, it’s murder.


Much of the joy I got from this episode came from watching Deb put the pieces together. This is something you can only get after investing in season after season of a show. All the little things that didn’t give her pause before are falling together now. All Dexter’s misdirections that individually weren’t enough to catch her attention are piling up. It’s enough to send her back to her coping mechanism, working out too much. If you’ve been watching the series along with me over the past few months, seeing her running on the treadmill, barely holding back what must be a flood of tears, was familiar and upsetting. 

Deb finding out about Dexter doesn’t worry me. She’s not going to turn him in for anything. But the problem is, she’s not the only one on the trail of something. Maria found Dexter’s blood slide at the church, the one he made from Travis. And she’s starting to put the pieces together too. 

The pieces for her are a bit different, though. They include her former lover and best friend, wrongfully accused of being the Bay Harbor Butcher. If she figures out what Dexter is, she’s going to have a lot of incentive to turn him in. She can clear Doake’s name, and discredit Deb as lieutenant. 

Honestly, I don’t see a downside for her. Dexter might have to kill her. 

We only have two seasons to go before we get to the brand new episodes in November. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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American Horror: Recap Coven Fearful Pranks Ensue



If there is one thing that horror teaches us, Killer Queens, it’s that the past is never as buried as we think it is. 

No matter how deep we try to bury it. 

Fiona’s past is coming back to haunt her now. The Council has come to visit because Madison is missing.

Well, Madison is dead, but the Council doesn’t know that. 

One member of the Council, Myrtle, is especially keen to prove that Fiona killed Madison. She was a student at the academy when Fiona became Supreme. And even then, she was suspicious of her. She bespelled Spalding, that his tongue wouldn’t allow him to lie. 


I think you know where this is going. 

Of course, Fiona has more than one sin in her past. She pissed off Marie Laveau, then escalated the issue by cutting off the head of her lover, Bastian. 

Marie has a way to deal with this, of course. It’s something that she’s done in the past, in dark circumstances. 

When the son of a friend was lynched, Marie called the dead back to life to punish the monsters who did it. Now she’s done it again. 

And it isn’t just any dead she’s raised. No, she knows full well that Dauphine LaLaurie is living at the academy. So she’s sent her daughters to visit her.

I think we know Dauphine’s daughters aren’t going to be pleased to see their mother. 


It’s easy to watch this episode and feel a bit bad for LaLaurie unless you know the history behind her. I’ll take this moment to remind you that while most of what happens on American Horror Story is fiction, the terrors that LaLaurie inflicted are very much not. So don’t go feeling too bad.

After a long, difficult day, the witches are home. It’s Halloween night, but no one’s quite in the mood to be celebrating. None of them know that Madison’s in Spalding’s room, playing dress-up. At least, her body is.

It being a Halloween episode, it is a two-parter. And with zombies knocking on the door along with trick or treaters, I’m excited to see how part two plays out.

See you then, Killer Queens. 

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