If there has been one constant in this series so far, it’s that Deb has the worst luck you can imagine. From being ignored by her father to dating a serial killer, to getting promoted just to spite her best work friend, she never gets a break.

The one thing she’s had to depend on throughout her life is Dexter. As far as she knows, he’s always been right there to help her. And if a few times he lied to her so a killer could end up on his table instead of in jail, well what she didn’t know couldn’t hurt.

Now, though, the pressures of her new job are getting to her. And her solve numbers are way down. It sure would help a lot to nab DDK. And it sure would help to have Dexter around.

But Dexter’s heading to Nebraska to visit Jonah, the Trinity Killer’s son. His mother and sister were just brutally killed. And everyone thinks it was Trinity.

Everyone but Dexter, who killed Trinity. All signs are pointing to Jonah being his father’s son.

Dexter might have let this go, except that killing Nick seems to have done something to his dark passenger. Instead of taking the form of Harry, it’s changed to his brother, Brian. 

You know, the Ice Truck Killer who almost killed Deb. 

So the two of them go on a road trip to kill Jonah. But they get distracted by the manager of their motel, an industrious guy named Norm. He doesn’t seem too fond of Dexter right from the start. Noticing that he has soft hands and mocking him for not being able to patch a tire. 

Norm helpfully offers to patch the tire for $20. But when Norm returns Dex’s car, there are some things missing. His knives and his forensics kit.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jonah isn’t a candidate for Dexter’s table. Much to Brian’s dismay. 

Dexter is struggling still, with the darkness and light within him. With Brian, he lets his darkness lose. But when he starts balking at his dark passenger brother, he realizes that there has to be some light in him.

Maybe he can make it brighter. 

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