The third episode of American Horror Story NYC was a bit of a whirlwind. A lot happened in a little bit of time, so let’s jump in and discuss.

Billie Lourd as Dr. Wells in American Horror Story NYC

Dr. Wells has coffee with Fran, who tells her about Operation Paperclip. This is, I’ve mentioned before, a very real-life operation that brought Nazi scientists to America. Fran tells Dr. Wells that these doctors made a weaponized virus. That virus, Fran believes, is now out in the public and is exactly what Dr. Wells has been seeing in her patients. 

And, by the way, on Patrick.

Speaking of Patrick, he and Gino are becoming frustrated by the police’s inactivity regarding the Mai Tai killer. All they’ve done so far is raid Sam’s apartment without a warrant. When Sam insists that his interaction with his caged friend was consensual, and with said friend refusing to press charges, there’s nothing much they can do there. 

Gino talks Patrick into hanging out near the sex phone, hoping the killer might call. Patrick does this but doesn’t find the killer. He finds a perfectly innocent man looking for a fun hook-up.

Meanwhile, Charlie is meeting Theo at an exclusive hangout. They’re having some drinks when Big Daddy throws a bomb into the building.

Just before the bomb went off, Charlie saw the Mai Tai killer. He gets Theo to call Gino. 

Gino has all the courage of a hero, with all the self-preservation skills of a toddler by a busy street. He rushes to the hospital and runs around alone trying to find Mai Tai. This scene was incredibly well done. The tension and build-up were spot on. A lot happened in a short amount of time, so I am encouraging everyone to go back and watch the scene again if they can. You might have missed something.

Of course, none of this ends well for Gino. He ends the episode locked in a morgue drawer, bound up and not in a fun way.

Here’s a question I’m left with. Not whether Gino will make it out of the morgue drawer, I can’t imagine he’d be killed off so early in the season. But in almost every bit of advertising for AHS NYC, one line has been repeated over and over. 

The deadliest year. 

Now, in Apocalypse, the entire world was destroyed. In most other years the whole cast is wiped out in one way or another. We’re lucky if we get a Final Girl. So what exactly is going to happen that is bigger than that? Will the ending live up to the hype, or leave us disappointed? All we can do now is wait and keep watching. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)