There were several dramatic revelations during this episode of American Horror Story Cult. Some of which I saw coming, many of which I didn’t. 

Let’s discuss, Killer Queens.

Ivy has left Ally home alone, taking Oz to stay in a hotel. And it’s not surprising that Ally is not taking this well at all. Seeing as how her own wife was in on a conspiracy to drive her damned bat shit crazy, I’m not surprised at all. 

Alison Pill in American Horror Story 

I honestly cannot believe how much I’ve come to hate Ivy for what she’s doing. She’s left Ally with almost no money and is forcing her to only see Oz during supervised visits. And she’s doing all of this because Ally voted for Jill Stein. 

As the episode goes on, of course, Ivy starts to get what’s coming to her. The cult goes to the home of Beverly’s editor to murder him on film. During that murder, Ivy balks and runs off to vomit. Another cult member, RJ, is also having some feelings it would be healthier not to share. Kai and Beverly decide this is the perfect opportunity for a team-building exercise. He makes everyone shoot RJ in the face with a nail gun, starting with Ivy.

This is simple, cunning cult shit. Kai has everyone in the cult believing that he loves them. Now he has to make sure that they fear him, while still trusting in that love. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to convince them that he’s killing RJ because he’s become a threat to the group. This way, no one thinks it could be them in the duct tape seat next time. Unless they start thinking about disobeying Kai. 

One thing that’s standing out to me this season is that there’s not been a single supernatural element. This is unheard of with American Horror Story. Humans are often to blame for part of the body count (Or most of it). But never have I seen a season with no ghosts, no witches, no murder house. Where the hell are the ghosts?

I think that’s part of the point, though. There are no ghosts to blame for this. It’s all humanity. And that makes it a little too real. 

Elephant mask from American Horror Story Cult

We’re treated to one last flashback. Kai and Beverly are talking. She wants to know what happened to his parents. Through a flashback, we see that his mother killed his abusive father, then herself. Scared, Kai calls his older brother.

This wasn’t too much of a surprise. But just in case you haven’t seen it, I’ll leave it up to you to guess who big brother is. 

Instead of reporting their deaths, the brothers put their parent’s bodies to bed and cover them in lye. 

At least, this is the story we’re shown, the story that Kai told Beverly. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not so sure. 

There’s a power struggle coming between Kai and Beverly. Right now, they both think they’re playing each other. I don’t have any idea who’s playing it better. But whoever loses is going to die.

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