Things are piling up for Dexter. It’s halfway through the season, so we can assume things are only going to get worse from here.

We start this episode with a copycat killer. Inspired by the Bay Harbor Butcher, someone’s running around Miami killing criminals. 

Too bad he’s not doing it very well. He’s making a mess, leaving victims around to talk. Overall, he’s just irritating Dexter.

Deb is worried because Lundy is threatening to take the case away from Miami Metro if a copycat kills anyone. She’s also worried because Lundy’s paying a lot of attention to Dexter. This brings back all of Deb’s daddy issues. She’s having flashbacks of being ignored by her dad, for Dexter. And her childhood jealousy is coming back. 

Deb at least has the good manners to keep her frustrations to herself. Sargent Doakes doesn’t have the same courtesy. He’s not in a great place right now. He’s shot two people in the last few months. Of course, he insists he’s fine. Instead of dealing with his issues, he’s doubled down on harassing Dexter.

This includes breaking into Dexter’s lab and listening to the recordings he’s been using to find out about his mother and adopted father. 

The two almost come to blows. Doakes would like that to happen. He wants to throw down with Dexter, he’s itching for it. I don’t think he realizes how much Dexter can handle himself in a fight. I also don’t think that he’d give a damn if he did. Doakes is on a self-destructive path. He’d love for Dexter to put him in the hospital. That would make him the good guy. And right now, he’s not acting like a good guy.

Of course, neither is Dexter. Quite unlike our loveable serial killer’s standard M.O, he’s being impulsive. He’s making bad decisions, doing dumb things. One of those dumb things is Lila. 

After a nice family dinner with Rita, her mom, and Dexter, Lila accidentally calls and leaves a message on Dex’s machine spilling all about their little road trip together. I mean, technically she couldn’t know that Rita was there when she called. But I wouldn’t put it past that ball of sexy crazy to be staking out Dexter’s place. 

Rita freaks out and takes off, breaking up with Dexter and going home to cry in her mother’s arms. Dexter decides to go do, um, something else in Lila’s arms. 

If we can take one lesson away from this story, it’s to be honest with our significant others. Honesty always ends in a better outcome. If we can take another lesson, it’s don’t screw crazy. No matter how sexy crazy is. 

Dex is just getting himself deeper and deeper. I hope he starts thinking with the head on his shoulders. Guess we’ll have to see.

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