There’s a moral to this episode of Dexter. Relationships that last are built on mutual goals and hopes for the future. 

Even if you’re a sociopath who’s not capable of real human emotions.

Rita happens to accidentally give Dexter the perfect target to stalk. A friend from work has a fiance who’s trying to make it to America through a coyote. But when she doesn’t have extra money to give him upon delivery, her fiance is drowned and tossed into the ocean to wash up onshore.

Meanwhile, Deb is proving you don’t have to be a sociopath to have no idea how to deal with other people. She and Doakes are interviewing the Ice Truck Killer survivor. And Deb, Deb doesn’t know how to handle people. She at one point offers to blindfold the witness, to help him remember what it felt like to be, you know, blindfolded while pieces of him were cut off. 

Generally traumatizing the victim of a horrific crime is something cops should avoid. 

Doakes continues to be my favorite character. He’s taking Deb under his wing and teaching her to be a good detective. And he’s good at it. He’s a little gruff, and he’s got no problem telling Deb when she’s being out of her mind level stupid. But he’s just as quick to tell her when she’s doing something right. Strangely, he’s such a good mentor for Deb, while still hating Dexter as much as he does.

Honestly, Dexter is less awkward this episode. Though his internal monologue continues to be the funniest part of the show. While watching a sad movie with Rita, he wonders if he could just not blink long enough that his eyes would start watering. He has no idea what to do to connect with her, or at least fake a connection. 

Of all unlikely people to ask for advice, he goes to Angel. This is the worst choice since Angel’s currently pretending to be in a happy marriage. He’s not, he’s separated from his wife. But that’s more than he wants to share with anyone.

Don’t worry if it sounds like this episode is full of boring grownup relationship issues. I mean, it is. But there’s still plenty of blood. There is, of course, the coyote. And the coyote’s wife. 

Because there’s nothing as beautiful as a good marriage that lasts until the very end.

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