Life is better when you take the driver’s seat and make things happen. This is easy to understand but less easy to put into practice. The reason for that is simple.

Some people who take that advice are destructive, selfish psychos who need to calm the hell down.

Surprisingly, I’m not talking about Dexter. 

Things are looking bad at the start of this episode. Dexter’s lost Rita, Doakes is harassing him at work. Agent Lundy is way too smart for Dexter’s good. But he’s got Lila, his life coach/fuck buddy to help him out.

Oh, also to accidentally meet Deb at the fridge wearing nothing at all in the middle of the night. “Pardon my tits,” isn’t the best thing to say to your new boyfriend’s sister upon meeting her. But it is pretty damn hilarious.

Lila is one of those people who is all about her. She is going to do whatever the hell she has to do to get what she wants. Lie to a hostess at a restaurant. Steal someone’s wind chimes. Sneak into a stranger’s house and have sex in their room. This all seems fun and exciting. Unless you’re the person who didn’t get their reserved table, had their wind chimes stolen or had some strangers break into your house.

But, Dexter’s decided to follow her example. He sends a ‘manifesto’ to a local paper. It’s not his actual manifesto, he doesn’t have one. So he just cribbed something together from other crazy people online. 

His thinking is that this will distract the police for a while, throw them off his trail. And it seems to be working at first.

Then, there’s the matter of Doakes. Dexter figures the best way to get rid of him is to get him in trouble at work. A little misdirection and lying seem to get this taken care of. Along with baiting Doakes into attacking him in the bullpen. Watching Dexter pull the puppy eyes and hide behind Angel was great. I mean, infuriating, but freaking funny.

Rita’s taking charge of her life, too. Her mother has been running all over her. She’s controlling the kids, acting like Rita doesn’t have any say. Finally, Rita snaps and makes some calls. Turns out Mom’s been lying about why she’s there. It’s beyond time for Rita to take control of her house. 

If Rita is the best-case scenario for taking control of her life, Lila’s the worst. When Dexter goes to see Cody’s presentation at school, it looks at first like he might patch things up with Rita. At least, he might still have some sort of healthy relationship with the kids, who see him as a father.

But Lila needs all of Dexter’s attention. And she’s willing to do anything to get what she wants. No matter who it hurts.

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