I feel like this episode of Dexter was the beginning of some deeper, series-long plotlines. We certainly got some bombshells. Pun not intended, sorry.

We start this episode off with a simple car ride with Doakes and Angel. Doakes, who’s driving, pulls over out of nowhere and starts screaming at a man we have never seen before. Angel, assuming Doakes has a good reason for this weird as hell behavior, follows. He finds Doakes standing over the dead body of the man, with an explanation that doesn’t match the scene. 

This story doesn’t have anything to do with Dexter. He’s got his own worries, starting when he gets a letter from a lawyer about a will. The will that, supposedly, belongs to his biological father. 

Dexter’s sure that this isn’t true, because Harry told him that his father died a long time ago. But there’s a problem. Dexter remembers the tattoo on this man’s arm. 

Rita decides she has to go with Dexter to make sure he’s alright. After some prodding from Rudy, Deb decides they need to go, too. 

You know, Rudy. Deb’s boyfriend. And also, you know, the Ice Truck Killer. He just fits right in with the family, bro-ing out with Dex while they clean out the house of the father Dexter barely remembers. 

Of course, the episode isn’t complete without a visit from psycho Paul. He’s finally showing his true colors. When Rita cancels a supervised visit, Paul shows up in the middle of the night. When Rita lets him in, he hits her. She maneuvers him into her bedroom to get him away from the kids. Then, when he throws her on the bed, she grabs a bat from under the bed and bashes his head in. 

That, let me tell you, felt good. It’s a fraction of what he deserves, but at least it was something.

A lot was going on in this episode, but it all blended well. I loved the interactions between Doakes and Angel over the dead man. They’re both good people who care about each other. They both want to do the right thing, even if what that means looks different. By the end of it, you see that they’re both right.

Dexter, on the other hand, isn’t a good person. But damned if he isn’t trying. And now, we’re starting to see hints of why he can never be the man he’d like to be. 

Stay tuned, we’re getting toward the end of the season. That’s always when the blood really starts to flow. 

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